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What besides shoes has your dog chewed and destroyed that made your eyeballs roll back in shock when you saw it?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (13836 points ) December 3rd, 2013

She just chewed my brand new ATM card that had taken ages to get to me! I have to apply for another. My fault for leaving it within easy reach of the crocdog!

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Exhumed pizza.

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We had a series of very expensive leather bound books. Dog was teething. The books gave their best.

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My current pooch hasn’t really chewed anything that she shouldn’t, she’s a good dawg she is.
I remember buying the wife a huge box of chocolates which her Dad’s dog ate, every last one of them, greedy bugger.

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Bub (RIP, Old Man) ate a linoleum floor. The whole floor. Down to the concrete.

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Um, well, let’s just say the contents of Martin’s litterbox. Some dogs love to do this. What’s repulsive, beyond belief, to us is often a delicacy for a dog.

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She ate a hole through sheet rock big enough to get her head through it.
She also ripped down a large mini blind on my front window that I couldn’t replace until the next day. I felt like the whole neighborhood was outside my window looking in.
She ate most of my book “Boxers for Dummies”.
She was a rescue so I’m not sure what issues she had. But after a year, she settled down and was the best little dog ever. She is gone now.

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My dogs decided to play tug of war with the cuddly toy I’ve had since the day I was born. They had never bothered with him before but he was obviously to tempting on that particular day. I was mortified but I managed to sew him back together. He now looks like Frankenstein’s monster but at least he is one piece!

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I think it was this

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Cell phone.
Old music tapes, cool though.
VCR tapes.
Whole baseballs.
House Plants.

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The leather seats and arm rests on our van one night when we left him while we enjoyed a nice dinner and jazz concert.

Mostly it’s just disgusting things like his own and other pets vomit.

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My dog had a love of chewing paper. She once chewed the corners of a library book, which I had to pay to replace.

She also loved old leather soccer balls. It was amusing to watch her chew a hole in it then proceed to pull out all the rubber inner lining, piece by piece. Once that was gone she had no further interest in what remained of the ball. It was only when I watched a video of wolves eating their prey, tearing a hole in the abdomen and pulling out the intestines piece by piece, that I realised how natural and instinctive this behaviour was.

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Ah – let’s see. “The New Yorker”, the baseboards, the kitchen cabinets, a disposable razor (well not chewed), several napkins….

@YARNLADY Frodo growled and lunged at my friend when he came too near while he was eating his vomit. (Frodo was eating the vomit, not Jay!)

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^Thanks for the clarification.

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The wall – in two spots
Entire pack of gum, wrappers and all – $980 in vet bills

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Well, this isn’t the question, but my heart is still broken over the pair of authentic leather made in USA broken in beautiful cowboy boots I had to toss because my cat vomited all over them. They were on the floor in my room, and I didn’t notice for a few days…maybe a week. When I did, I couldn’t figure out a single way to get the vomit off. I searched the internet——nothing. I threw them in the trash :’(

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My sister dated a guy whose dog chewed up the bumper of my dad’s Mercedes. I think a squirrel climbed up in there.

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When Axel was a puppy he ate Jeff’s Chrome Hearts
I can’t find the exact ones. They were similar except the sides were ebony wood with mother of pearl inlay.

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@SadieMartinPaul Yep, my dog likes to eat cat poop too.

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@livelaughlove21 It’s difficult for us to imagine anything more disgusting, but it seems that it’s a gourmet treat for dogs.

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Dog: Huge, goofy hound we had years ago,
Ate an entire Pork Loin roast off the kitchen counter, cost hundreds to treat his Pancreatitis. Same dog ate my daughters easter Basket one year and a coveted after nap time muffin. He was on her shit list as a child. lol

Old Cat: Paper shredder, once shredded a $20 bill

My goose “Marwyn”: Single beakedly stripped all the foam insulation off of the outside pipes once. lol

MaCaw Parrot “Louie.”: Severed several dowels off the staircase banister. Bad bird!

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My couch. We had someone “watch” the dog when we went to an out-of-town wedding. When we got back 2 days later, the dog had chewed up an entire arm of the couch. He also used to chew up the base boards in the house.

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Oh, I didn’t see it, but I never get tired of hearing the story about the time Bub bit a guy in the face. Dude broke into my husband’s house. He won’t forget that.

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My favorite, expensive purse.

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