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Name that Kitty. What's your cat's name? Favorite kitty names?

Asked by MadMadMax (3352 points ) December 4th, 2013

From Hippy Kitty the long haired cat in the 60’s, to Lo mein our Siamese, and Mole-bane the best little hunter we every had, I’ve had fun waiting and then naming my cats.

Share you kitty’s names(s).

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My current two are named “Mia & Myles.”
Mia is a Tortie Point Siamese and Myles is a monster, 17lb. Bi-color Ragdoll. They are my little darlings. Ages 4 and 7. :-)

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Currently, there is only Callie, who gets called Callie and Boo. When we adopted her from the shelter, her name was Patches. We didn’t like that for her, hence the renaming.

In the past there has been Cloudy, Rishy, Elizabeth, Chico, Toupee, Roger and Spotty.

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Past cats, over the last 30 something years. Groucho, Jerome, Mao, Biff, Margo, Sipsey, Marley, Jasper. All gone now. :-(

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My cat’s name is Andie.

She was Andy for a few months until it was time for neutering, and the vet politely suggested that spaying would be more appropriate!

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My last cat was named Random since she just showed up outside of my RV one day and never left.

Dog painted a tribute in exchange for building her a Hackintosh. The painting is, perhaps, the first thing I would grab if my apartment caught fire.

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I never had a cat but I love the name whiskers or midnight for a cat.

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My cats growing up were Misty, Peri (short for perizoso, which means lazy), and Andreas (which supposedly would have been my name if I were a boy, but my mom never got her first picks for names of her children so I doubt it).

My sister has named her cats tropical fruits, which I like very much, like Kiwi, and some Japanese names, which I liked very much too.

My husband had a cat named Kimba. I think that is a great cat name.

I also like Betsy for a cat, and Gigi.

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Oh goodness I almost forgot. We had two Siamese from the same litter when we were in grad school and we named them: Mao, and Ho.

My kids called them commie kitties.

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A friend of ours had a parrot named Kiwi.

Whoops. Correction: The Parrot’s name was Kumquat.

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Current: Schrodinger

Past kitties: Mama-Cat (‘Dinger’s mom), Sandy, Patches, Lucifer, Simba, Nala, Tigger, Butthead, Shiznit, Caolifhionn (Kee-Lin), Ulthar and her kittens: Sarnath, Kadath, Shub-niggurath, and Hatheg-kla.

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My current kitty’s name is Magrat, and she once had a sister named Esme.
Anyone who knows, without help, where their names come from is an automatic friend.
My ex’s cat (whom I miss dearly, as he still lives in Toronto) is named Archer, after Captain Jonathan.

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Our Tortoise Shell Tabby is named Barley

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My cat Milo wasn’t really named by me, but it’s a good name. He’s a tiger cat.

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Our current cat is Sam. I have had cats names Magnum, TC, and Higgins (all at the same time). When I was a kid we had Max, 99, Larabie and Chief.

The best name for a feline I have ever heard was my uncle’s cat named Ferocious Man Killer.

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My first two Persians were called Miss Mish and Miss Mash, as on mishmash. My second Persian was Elvira, named after the mischievous lady ghost in the play “Blithe Spirit.” My current cat is Sy, a Siamese.

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One of the girls on Glee had a cat named Lord Tubbington, I thought that was pretty funny. And I nicknamed one of my friend’s cat as Mr. Chubinski. He had a bit of a tummy wattle.

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I also want to add that only Schrodinger, Lucifer, Caolifhionn, and Ulthar and her babies were named by me. Most of the others were my grandmother’s cats)

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I like Chartreux cats – can’t afford one but I love the romance/legend behind the breed, whether real or fantasy. I always wanted one called Saladin.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – I don’t know what the last couple of names mean, but I could’ve guessed which ones were named by you ;)

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I have only owned 2 felines, both were orange tabby cats. The first was called Trouble and the second was Damage.

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They’re all places in H.P. Lovecraft stories. “The Cats of Ulthar”, “The Doom that Came to Sarnath”, etc.

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Our cats right now are named Chance and Mouse, although they tend to get called nicknames more often than their actual names.

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@LilCosmo I see a TV theme to your cat names.

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Shyla and Bruno…don’t judge, they came with those names.

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@Seelix : Esme may be from one of J.D. Salinger’s eponymous short stories. Not a clue about Magrat.

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We just adopted Major Happy last month. He looks like a Russian Blue. Our other cat is Sheba. Other cats that we use to have:
Mr. Spock

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@gondwanalon He’s gorgeous, love his gray nose. Very kissable. lol

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We have 3 cats…..Blulu, Jack & Mango. Blulu has bright blue eyes. She has some sort of ‘mese’ in her. She has a beautiful gray colored fur coat. Jack is an orange tabby with a cute white smudge around his nose area. We got him around Halloween, so his full name is Jack o’lantern. It was too long a name to use all the time. Mango is a marmalade colored tabby. He is a real ham. He lays on his back and lets it all hang out. I’ll have to see if I can get their pictures on here.

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@gailcalled Haha..I like Betty” peeking out of the blanket. Great pictures.

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rooeytoo was the creator of Milo and his red beret.

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I no longer have cats because I don’t particularly like them, but I had a few while growing up. We had Copper, Priscilla, Callie, and Judah.

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Hymen & Labia.

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We have Kelly the Birman, who is 13 years old.

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I’ve never had a cat as I’m deathly allergic, but my friend has two named Mr. Pickles and Andre 3000.

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I currently have Finny and Gracie; past cats have been Muffin, Smokey, Inky, Sugar, Jinx, Patches, Cleo; and my little Isobel who disappeared in August, who I miss terribly.

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We have three cats…

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The only Cat I ever had was called Charlie. He was awesome!

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Our current cat is named Edoras. (LOTR fans may recognize the name.) She’s a petite tortoise shell calico and loves to sit on laps. Our last cat was named Sharky because he was shark gray.

Hubby already has our next 2 cats picked out. He wants Russian Blues and plans to name them Tatiana and Anastasia.

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No! Next cats should be named Meduseld and Aldburg!

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Actually Edoras’ full name is Edoras Cleopatra Hindenburg Brennan. My daughter thought the cat should have a full name like any other family member.

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The cats that live in my house are Waffles and Cupcake

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