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Christmas tree (Yours): Real, artificial or none at all?

Asked by ucme (38651 points ) December 5th, 2013

We’ve always gone with artificial, looks good & no pesky pine needles to clear up after.

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Real, cut, fresh. Gets that wonderful scent in the house. And then the city recycles it for mulch!

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None. But, I love a pretty Christmas tree. I did have a few roomates when I was younger who put up real trees. Kind of a hassle.

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I love real trees but I’m getting older and the aftermess is a hassel.

I have a fake tree but we always stuff it in the attic and I can’t find the stand and the tree :(

Most years we spend the holiday with our family in California and just put a wreath on the front door and run for the airport and we don’t return until after New Years. But this year its just the two of us. I have to find that tree. The longer we wait the less apt we are to put it up an that’s just sad.

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No Christmas tree. A small Christmas boat instead:-)

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For the last 3 years we had a real tree. I loved it. Nothing better than coming home and smelling a christmas tree. My s/o is fed up with them though, so the artificial is coming out on Sunday! Still will be a nice tree.

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Artificial. It is ten years old and still going strong.

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None. I had one tree, one time and it was real, about 3’ tall, and stood on an end table.

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Real, when we have them.

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I did real trees for a long time, but with bugs coming in on the trees, and dogs and kids, I switched several years ago. Last year I bought a lovely, real looking, pre-lighted tree. I love it.

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None at all. My dog is blind so I try not to add any extra things for her to bump into and I am a massive humbug!

As a kid we always had fake trees. We had one that lasted about 18 years!

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I don’t have one. No sense in having one, really.

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Real so far, but like @MadMadMax said, I’m not getting any younger. I can see that I might switch to a fake tree at some point. Should be interesting this year, with a six-month-old cat who is extremely nosy and into everything.

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I prefer a real tree, a Douglas Fir is my favourite.

But you only have to buy a fake tree once, so that’s what I have. It’s supposed to look like a Frasier Fir.

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Always real. We cut our own from a tree farm.

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Artificial and pre-lit, about four feet tall. Just add ornaments!

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None. We don’t celebrate religious holidays; but I do miss the smell, so we’re thinking of getting something for in the house.

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Artificial and pre-lit here as well. Real trees drive my sinuses crazy. I use to have one that wasn’t pre-lit, but one year, when all my strands of lights had issues, we decided to just get a pre-lit instead of buying new strands of lights. Much easier than dealing with untangling light strands and replacing bulbs that have died.

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None. We bought an artificial one a few years ago, spent hours setting it up and decorating it, but it looked like shit and our cat wouldn’t leave it alone. We returned it and haven’t bothered to do it again since.

I suppose we’ll have to get one when we have kids – I’m not looking forward to fixing whatever damage the cat will do to it, though.

I actually prefer real trees. I’ve found that they’re fuller and prettier and they make your house smell all Christmas-y. Plus, if you have a family, picking your tree is such a fun tradition.

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Cheers folks, tree-mendous stuff.

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Real. They create jobs and suck CO2 out of the atmosphere.

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I think my family and I will have a real tree. We’ll be up in Northern Finland- it will really feel like a storybook christmas, with piles of snow everywhere :)

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Artificial. Don’t like those tree farms, and it looks just like a real one.

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