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When a dog licks your face, is it love or the smell of food on your breath?

Asked by janbb (42851 points ) December 5th, 2013

As asked. For fun.

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The salt on your skin.

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@ragingloli I thought that was the leg hump.

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If you can watch this short video of dogs welcoming their owners home after a military deployment and come away doubting those animals are expressing love, call your doctor immediately. You may not have a heart.

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Nah, it wants you to regurgitate up some food.

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Love, of course!

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Pure, unadulterated LOVE

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All the unconditional love her big heart can muster, mister!

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Can’t it be both?

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Depends. Daisy likes to lick at our mouths after we eat something she thinks smells delicious, but more often than that she licks our faces when we get home in the evening, before we go to bed, and when she thinks she’s in trouble. I say it’s just affection.

I don’t understand those people that won’t let their dogs give them kisses. I’d never let just anyone’s dog lick my face unless they’re puppies or just too damn cute to resist, but my dog can lick me as much as she pleases. It makes me feel all warm inside. :)

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Well…it’s love and I may have proof. Have a friend who got accidentally trapped in one of those old nuclear bomb shelters underground with his dog for three full days, with nothing to share but a half-bottle of mineral water. He really thought they were going to die, especially after they emptied that bottle in the first 24 hours.

He started to get desperate and cried. His equally thirsty and starving dog weakly walked to him and licked his face until he stopped crying. They were rescued eventually.

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Gretel always licks hubby on the face but never me. He must taste better.

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It can be both. I like to think about it as a dog’s way of ‘kissing’. Then again, if you just finished eating and a dog licks your face, it’s most likely the food.

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