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How do I find vacation spots that match my criteria?

Asked by wesley837 (163 points ) December 5th, 2013

I’m not sure how to go about finding a good vacation spot that has everything I’m looking for. Any good research resources would be great, tv shows, websites, magazines, message boards, etc. Also any suggestions of a place you think match my list is also welcome:
1. somewhere tropical, love beaches and warm weather
2. somewhere not in the US, never been outside of north america yet
3. somewhere not too crowded, not too busy
4. somewhere safe
5. and somewhere with good food. i’m a pretty picky eater. like japanese, chinese, italian, korean bbq. don’t care for mexican, indian, anything exotic.
6. my ideal vacation day would be to wake up and go surfing/snorkling/ maybe hiking, relax read a book or something, at night there would be a city within driving distance where we can find and try really good food to eat.

does a place like this even exist? how can i go about finding places that have at least some of these attributes? thanks for the help!

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