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I don't like my job anymore. How do I deal?

Asked by hug_of_war (9145 points ) December 5th, 2013 from iPhone

I am a teacher assistant in a special needs class. I no longer enjoy my job even though I love my students because of one of the assistants (she’s technically a float but she won’t leave).

It makes my room overstaffed (which may seem good but too many cooks is not helpful). I feel claustrophobic (I love any opportunity to take a couple students and work elsewhere just to have more space) and useless (I used to feel valued, now not so much). I like being busy (isn’t enough to do with so many adults)

She calls everyone honey which I hate. It makes me feel stabby. I like working as part of a team but I am used to having tasks I do independently and she is always in my face offering help. I know I sound like a bad person but I just don’t like how she is.

Anyway, my point is I just don’t feel happy anymore, or an asset, and I need to stay at this job at least through the end of the school year.

I realize I can’t change my situation only how I react to it. How can I help myself be less grumpy and be more positive? I know being autistic transitions are harder for me, especially ones that screw with the structure I do best with. I need a better way to cope instead of getting so stressed out and making a big fuss out of little things because I know I can’t complain about what’s really getting to me.

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