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What parts of government would you permanently shut down.

Asked by ETpro (34145 points ) December 5th, 2013

Three days into the Republican government shutdown back in October, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren stood up on the Senate floor and gave this stem-winder of a speech excoriating the “Anarchy” wing of the modern American regressive movement. In it, she points out things government actually does, things that need doing, that won’t just do themselves or conveniently migrate to private, for-profit industry if the government does not do them. You may agree, or you may think she’s delusional and the best possible government is one that provides for national defense and nothing else.

The US Constitution is quite clear in saying that one of Congress’ responsibilities is to provide for the common good. What do you think is covered by that, and what that the current government does should be excluded?

NOTE: Normally, I ask one question a day and try to comment on all the responses. But I have too many questions bubbling up that all are time-based and need to be asked now. So forgive me (or perhaps feel relieved) if I am unable to post an acknowledgement of each response.

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