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What have you done for the poor lately?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (20233 points ) December 5th, 2013

What have you done for the poor as of late? If you yourself are poor, what did you do to help your fellow poor even if not with money but time, labor such as babysitting, helping paint a house, build a deck, move furniture, etc? If you are not poor, what have you done, if any, such as donations of clothes, goods money, etc?

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What have you done?

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I buffed my shoe on a homeless blokes trousers as I was passing, hope he appreciated my time, however brief.

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@Seek_Kolinahr What have you done?
Good dodge but I can answer that. What I have done for the poor lately, and I am by no means rich, donated unneeded clothing items, cleaned the home of a disabled poor man, cobbled together Thanksgiving dinner and taken them to the homeless. I have done that, that I can remember, now what have you done?

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I figured out how to feed a family of three for less than $90 for the month.

Still working on how to get the rent paid by the 15th.

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I know a rather pitiful older fellow who lives in a small trailer and I regularly take him into town so he can set up his flea market to try to make a buck. Being a flea market vendor myself, sometimes people give me stuff they don’t want. Any time I get clothes or things I don’t want to sell I know a poor family a town away I regularly drop off stuff to.

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@DWW25921 Bless you. <tipping me hat your way>

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We pay the mortgage on our rental, where my unemployed son, his two sons, his wife, her mother and her grandmother all live, rent free. They help out with the expenses out of their welfare, disability and social security. We also provide a car, and they try to pay for the gas and insurance, but aren’t always successful. We provide food when their SNAP and WIC runs out every month.

We also provide a car for the two adult grandsons living rent free in our home. They work part-time and help out with the utilities and insurance, and buy their own food.

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I’m the poor one this year after many years of prosperity. Charity begins at home.
I gave a stray cat some roast chicken the other night. Good enough. I have been very giving and generous over the years but this year is taking care of my own.

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I put money in the SA bell ringer buckets.

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Anyone who has access to a computer can help feed the hungry by visiting every day. This is a legitimate charity.

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We support a school in rural India, for example.

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^^^^^ @YARNLADY That is technically less than full, you kinda hafta do that for them, they are related to you. Would you do that if they were not related?

@anniereborn I put money in the SA bell ringer buckets.
Every little bit helps, let’s hope SA does well with the donations.

^ @mattbrowne That is good but many citizens hear need help just as much as those overseas; just saying….. ;-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central When we don’t have to help out our own family, we donate most of our charity contributions to Red Cross.

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To me, America is as much overseas, as India. Besides, I feel we have an obligation to every human on our planet, not just those of our own country.

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