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Is anybody else currently watching the live production of The Sound of Music?

Asked by Buttonstc (22976 points ) December 5th, 2013 from iPhone

USA only (I presume) since its on NBC, not on cable.

Any thoughts positive or negative?

I watched a Doc on the casting process etc. last week and it was really interesting.

What hooked me was when I found out that Audra McDonald was cast. She has such an incredible singing voice that I’d watch her in anything.

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NO! Couldn’t care less. And would you believe, I’ve never watched the original film version.

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No. I’m watching Ron Burgundy interviewing Peyton Manning on SportsCenter. Here

I like the movie but I just can’t get excited about the live version that is airing tonight.

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^I spoke too soon. I answered this just before I grabbed my tacos and sat down to watch it on my DVR. SportsCenter decided to talk about Nelson Mandela instead.

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I saw the ads and the singers are just trying too hard. So, no, not watching, not interested.

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I see your point. And the guy playing the Captain lacked the gravitas of someone like Theodore Bikel (original stage version) or Christopher Plummer.

Well, its almost done now and it definitely pales in comparison to the movie.

But I’m a sucker for musical theater and I just love the music of SOM so I’m glad I watched it overall. But I won’t be buying either the DVD or the soundtrack CD.

(plus, in the doc about the process, it was pointed out that the soundtrack was recorded quite early in the rehearsal process when the actors had not had all that much time to get to know each other. And I think that definitely affects the soundtrack results overall.)

But, if Audra McDonald’s “Climb Every Mountain” is available as a standalone MP3, I definitely want that. I have yet to encounter any song she’s sung that I can fault.

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So, how did you like it? Glad you watched?

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I saw it on stage in Tampa FL in 1996. It was pretty awesome!

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Have not yet read any of the other answers, will do so after posting. Yeah! I’ve enjoyed most of it, but a few of the songs were out of order, in the wrong scenes. Other than that, I’ve enjoyed it.

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Eh, it was ok. Starting out with the very fake-looking outdoor set just brought out my inner cynic (which I try to subdue otherwise).

I think they could have made a kickass made-for-TV movie, but I’m sure this was much quicker and cheaper. I’m not upset about remaking the classic and I thought the live-action was a very interesting idea… but it came across like a well-done high school play to me.

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I really like Carrie Underwood so will try and find it online if I can (I live in the UK).

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@Kardamom that is because it was the stage show, not the movie.

I enjoyed it, despite finding it somewhat exhausting to watch. I didn’t go into it expecting it to be like the movie (knew it was the stage show), and I certainly didn’t expect Underwood to be Andrews (hers was the iconic Maria, and can never be matched – IMO). I was a bit disappointed that I found every role to be performed better than Underwood’s Maria. Her energy felt manic and strained as opposed to youthful and jubilant. And her costuming was horrific. (I was rooting for the corporate CEO, lol, and sorry to see her leave!)

I was also wishing for some audience sounds, to really give that feeling of a live performance – without it, it felt not live.

But I’m glad I saw it, and HUGE kudos to NBC for trying something new. I’ll gladly sit through anything that isn’t another rebranding of American Idol, which ironically is the ship that launched Underwood’s career…

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I really liked it, but I am a huge fan of the original. I think Carrie’s voice overpowered a few of the songs and other singers, and her acting still needs a little work, but overall it was good.

The Mother Superior’s voice was sublime, and I loved the opening scenes at the abbey.

@GoldieAV16 Completely agree with you on Carrie, but she is pretty pitch-perfect. Did you see her almost fall in the first song on the grass? lol

And they should have used Eric from True Blood instead of Vampire Bill…he was stiff and wasn’t a great singer imo.

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Here is a list of 9 things that went wrong. It’s pretty funny.

@Buttonstc I haven’t had a chance to watch it. Hopefully later this afternoon.

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@jonsblond Nice, thanks for sharing!

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@jonsblond Some of those are hilarious – Morgan Freeman, tee hee hee!!

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They should have just gone for broke and done an all black version with Audra McDonald as Maria :D

(Although the anachronistic ramifications of an all black cast in Austria during the rise of Hitler would have been startling to say the least)

But I’m sure there would have been no complaints about either her singing or acting.

But, seriously, if you’re going to attempt to recreate a live stage performance on TV you really need to cast Broadway vets as the major leads. There’s just no way around it.

But I still love that music. It gets me every single time.

I enjoyed everybody’s feedback. Lurve to all !

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