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Do you think I'm really obsessed with England?(please answer seriously not jokingly)

Asked by RockerChick14 (948 points ) December 5th, 2013 from iPhone

When I was little, my mom would watch movies like pride and prejudice and other Jane Austen movies and I loved them so I researched England and fell in love with British culture and history. I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, Call the midwives, downton abbey, wolfblood, and house of Anubis. I still watch period drama movies with my mom. I love Adele, Florence + the machine, Birdy, and some of ed Sheeran and coldplay. I love tea with milk and tea(not saying every British person drinks it). I prefer fish and chips over hamburgers and fries(again not saying every British person has it). I like Harry potter. I love things with the Union Jack on them. I have a Union Jack phone case. I want to go to college in England. I want to visit London, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, and the countryside. My favorite actress is Keira knightly. I love all the different English accents. I think guys with english accents are cute. I have pages from a London planner and a London Underground map taped on one of my walls. I spell gray like grey.

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