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Are Lupus and Thyroid cancer related?

Asked by Emmy1234 (811 points ) December 5th, 2013

Lots of details! First off I have an Aunt (mother’s side) that has Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Hypothyroidism. My grandmother had hypothyroidism. My mother recently had thyroid removed d/t papillary thyroid cancer. All labs prior to removal were normal but she had large cancerous nodules. My mother continues to have chronic fatigue, joint pain, swelling, trigger fingers, and has recently started getting these circular growing red patchy areas that come and go all over her body. Her thyroglobulin levels are slightly elevated. Last TSH was 162 (doc. says keeping it high to prevent return of cancer). My son has a SEVERE skin condition since 2 months (dx. as eczema) that is only partially controlled with a steroid cream. My mother’s skin condition and my son’s look very similar. The Doctor has said my sons may be psoriasis. I have thyroid nodules and chronic fatigue also and I am to get a biopsy soon. I highly doubt we all have lupus but speculate if there is some sort of autoimmune disorder that we may have that might be causing this. Really frustrated because I want answers for my mom and want her to feel better. It’s been almost 1½ yrs since thyroid removed and she still feels bad but is still having testing (next is a CT scan). Its been so long an still no answers. Does anyone know of any autoimmune disorder that could cause this? I think it is more than a coincidence that we all are having these issues. Anybody have any insight they might want to give?

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