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Fraud or stupidity?

Asked by elbanditoroso (13686 points ) December 6th, 2013

Was this guy cheated? Or did the eBay seller deliver exactly what was promised?

(my observation is that a 19-year old buying an X-box ostensibly ‘for his son’ is really buying it for himself. But that’s another issue.)

Does eBay need to administer intelligence tests to potential buyers?

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Oh I can’t wait to use the opening line of that article…

Your doomed, genetically speaking.


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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies – I thought the last sentence of the article, about the Sheriff of Nottingham, was pretty good, too.

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I think it was fraudulent.

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It’s a little lot of both fraud and stupidity.

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Sure it was a scam. The seller knew he would get someone careless and stupid and he did. I’ll bet he is long gone now.
There are plenty of cases of this type. Look at the small print flashed on the TV when local car dealerships are advertising low rates. They know people will only see the big font. and ignore the small.
For all we know the ad said ” Hurry!!! Get a picture of a new X-box!!!.
The seller is a scum bag. The buyer is stupid.
At least the buyer will change.

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Yeah. Both. The stupidity comes in on spending $750 on a TODDLER! OK, so it was really for himself, but it’s still stupid.

I wanted to buy my 2 year old grand daughter a step stool for Christmas. They wanted $50.00!!! I’m all, “I can NOT spend $50 on a toddler!” But then I rationalized that her little newborn sister can use it too when she gets older. And her mom is about 5’nothin’ so she’ll probably use it. And it has storage. So…OK. I bought it.

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This happens every time a new system comes out.

About a hundred people on eBay buy the system, set it up in their house, then list the box for sale.

And yes, the listing always says somewhere ‘BRAND NEW RELEASED PS3 BOX!”

All nice and obvious.

And someone will, inevitably, see “NEW PS3” and hit “BUY IT NOW!” because all the gods forbid they take ten seconds to read the listing.

It can happen to anyone, really. I once bought a copy of The Silmarillion in German by accident. Fortunately for me, the seller was very understanding and let me return it less shipping costs.

Sometimes, though, the box sale thing is totally legit. I knew someone who purchased an empty PlayStation box for $40 or so, then taped an engagement ring to the inside of it and put something in it for weight. Really cute idea.

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Definitely stupidity on his part. Too bad ebay doesn’t police this kind of activity. Makes me nervous about buying anything that way.

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A FRAUD was committed.
Stupidity is not a crime.

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Both. Fraud and stupidity. I bought some knives a few years ago and when I got them they were to tiny to be functional. I looked over the description carefully and it did say “less than 1” novelty knives.” So I was taken because I assumed… but it WAS in the description. Anyway, just read over everything before you buy stuff. I don’t behave that way in my Ebay store but it’s not uncommon.

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^ Oh! I love tiny knives! I used to carry one for an emergency nail trimmer/eyeglass screwdriver.

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@Seek_Kolinahr The little buggers were to flimsy to be functional. I was bummed. But, I learned and it never happened again!

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He made a mistake that was stupid. It doesn’t make it less of a scam and it doesn’t make him a stupid person.

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