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Stupid Facebook question. Will you forgive me?

Asked by Judi (37176 points ) December 6th, 2013

Is there a way to turn off the settings on Facebook that says where you’re posting from? Since I basically live in two different states I don’t want to broadcast when I’m not “home.”
I tried to figure this out on my own but I couldn’t find it.

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When you create a post, there is the opportunity to tag others, set your audience and your location – that is the most obvious way I know.

However, there may also be settings on your device and/or software/browser for this. For example, On my iPhone and iPad, I have Location Services set to OFF for all apps except “Find My iPhone” and the apps I use for navigation.

What systems do you use to access FB? providing us with OS models and browser types might help the collective give you specific instructions.

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If I remember correctly when it happened to me next to where it said the location there was a place to click or a drop down where you can turn it off. Facebook might have changed it though.

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I am trying to adjust the settings from a macbook pro

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@Judi How are you seeing where you’re posting from? That is, is there a notification that says something like “Judi is in Topeka, Kansas” on your timeline, or is this related to the map that is on your Timeline, or are you being “checked in” without a request? Or is it something else?

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under my name it says “near City, State” in a lighter font.

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On your own profile/timeline? Or in your newsfeed?

If on your profile, can you hover your cursor over it, or just to the right of it?

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when I hover over it it tells me who can see the post but doesn’t tell me I can remove the location.

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Ok, the easiest thing you can do is to change that setting to “Only Me”. That way, you’ll still see it on your profile, but no one else will.

I’m not sure how the information is getting in there without you deliberately adding it, though. Everything I’m reading seems to say that you change the location of your posts by choosing to put a location into the “Location” tool in the new post. Can you try updating your status, and before posting, click the little teardrop location symbol? See if it has a location in there for you by default, which perhaps you can remove.

Edit: I just realized that you were saying that hovering over the post tells you who can see the post, not the location – sorry, changing it to “Only Me” isn’t what you want, then!

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There’s more information here if you are still having trouble.

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But won’t that also make it so I’m the only now who will see the post?

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Yes – see my edit above! Sorry about that. :P

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Have you tried editing the location on a new status update?

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I think O got it. before I posted it I looked under the post and sure enough it had the name of my town. when I hovered over it there was an X in the upper left hand corner. I was able t delete it. Thank you! If only I could default it to not put it there!

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Perfect! If it’s anything like the “who can see this” default, it should stay that way, but I’d recommend getting into the habit of checking it when you post.

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I was able to shut it off so it doesn’t do it. I didn’t have to do it for every post. On my screen if I go to write a status at the bottom of the status box you write in there is a “pin” like a pin that marks your location, and you can change the setting.

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I know a lot of folks that just say they’re from the moon or something silly. No one really knows where they’re at. May sound silly but maybe it could work? That’s all I got.

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To change your location after you’ve posted a status update, go to the post on your timeline and click- Change Location.

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