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What would you most like for Christmas this year?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (32273 points ) December 7th, 2013

Free question. You can have anything you want. What would it be? Go wild, anything goes. I want something so fucking bad. How about you?

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You go first.

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Why should I go first?

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You asked the question. Go first.

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Okay, I want my beautiful baby. That’s all I need.

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Well, since, ala Aladdin, you really can’t make someone fall in love with you…sigh…I would like to know with 100% certainty if my unofficial position at work is going to pan out or not. If it ends up not working out, I will need to look for another job, and I would sure like to know before the holiday something more definite.

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I want life to go a little easy on my parents.

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World peace.

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I would like my mother back—alive.

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Some resolution to some of the deepest personal issues I’ve been facing.

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I would like to have a BBQ duck, with beef and broccoli , with my mom in Jasper.

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@janbb If I could do that for you, I would do it in a second.

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@janbb Thank you Addie, but it’s work I have to do all by myself.

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Crap, I know how hard and tough this is. I would do anything to make it easier and I can’t do a thing. That drives me so crazy.

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or the death of all humans.

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@ragingloli at times, you are such an asshole you are just too annoying for words. Why are you so fucked up?

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@ragingloli Come on, your are not such an asshole. Please come forward.

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@ragingloli ROBOT SPIDER!

I almost want that more than my own answer.

Which is a new house. With a yard sizeable enough for sustainable farming for at least a couple of families. Preferably in New Zealand.

And if my Santa is an asshole a stickler for details, travel for myself, my family, and @cazzie’s family and @Coloma to New Zealand, as well as resident alien visas. So far those are the people who have expressed interest in joining my commune.

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@ragingloli Come on. I know you can be sweet. You fucked up and let me see that once.

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Peace on Earth and good will to all Earthlings.

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To have a friend. It’s been 7 years so not exactly expecting it

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Hey, I’ll be with you. It’s okay.

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Come on talk to me.

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@hug_of_war Come on. Life is a bitch. But we can be there for each other.

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You respond really fast.

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Why not? We’re on line. You okay?

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I was so lonely I contacted an ex. Which was a mistake and now I’m not just lonely I’m miserable, of my own doing.

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@hug_of_war – ((((hugs))))
I can personally recommend as a through which people organize groups based on their interests, such as movie fans, hiking, dining out, book clubs, women’s groups, sports activities, etc. It’s a good way to get out of the house and meet other people with whom you have something in common, which increases your odds of finding new friends.

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@hug_of_war Hey, head up. Tomorrow is a new day. Exes suck, they always do that.

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@hearkat Meetup doesn’t work in my area. There is a quilting group and a fishing group. That’s it.

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@chyna – I suppose the more remote areas will have less selection. In my area there are hundreds of groups. It also helps of you extend your search area‚Ķ the “location” of the group does not always mean that their activities are only in that area. Another option would to create your own group(s).

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I just want to be happy. After nights full of crying, self destructive behavior, and hatred, I just want peace.

This year has been hard. My life is in sort of an upswing right now, but I still have my issues. A peaceful, happy Christmas with my family would alleviate a lot of the pain my family and I have been through in the last year.

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I just want a blessed day with my family and peace and love to everyone in the world.

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I’d like my house and geese back, but alas, they are forever gone now.
I had it so good for so long, and I didn’t take any of it for granted, that’s the only consolation prize.

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I’d love my mother to open her eyes, look at me and call me by name.

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A move to Charleston. I fell so in love with it when I visited. The weather is balmy, the beaches are lovely, and the whole place is full of charm and character. They have live oaks and Spanish moss! I’m really getting sick of DC and all the familiar sights and people here. Winters here are drab and grey, and everyone you meet is so serious and businesslike. The whole area is turning into a giant Starbucks-Whole Foods- yoga studio.

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I need a microwave. That is all I can think of that I really need. Shoes would be nice but I prefer to do that myself.

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@johnpowell…I have a small one (.7 cubic feet) that I won’t be needing soon..

(That’s a microwave, not a shoe.)

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It sounds really ridiculous, but I have a lot of issues right now that could actually be solved with money. Car/house issues, personal health issues, wanting to help more people who have nothing issues…

So I’d like one million dollars. I could say ten million, but I’m trying to not be greedy. One million would work. Which wealthy jelly is willing to fulfill that wish, eh?

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Would you have been happier with
“The coming of the apocalypse, so the righteous are lifted up into heaven and all the wicked (which means the vast majority of humans on earth) are cast down into hell to be tormented for all eternity”?

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All immigration laws disolved.

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@yankeetooter :: I broke down and ordered one. My mom is paying me back and calling it a Christmas present. I make a lot of big batches of manicotti, lasagna, and baked ziti. Reheating that stuff in the oven just dries it out to much and a nuke-waver should solve that problem.

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Some time to relax. These past few months have been so manic for me, I am feeling exhausted now and because of this, I am struggling to enjoy life as much as I would like. I am hoping that over the Christmas period I will be able to have a few days to myself and then I’ll be right as rain.

As far as material things are concerned, I really want a Dolly Parton and/or a Reba McEntire doll to add to my Cher and Barbra dolls!!!

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Glad to hear you’re getting one, @johnpowell

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