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How are the numbers still visible on the football field in Philadelphia?

Asked by Dutchess_III (25591 points ) December 8th, 2013

It is snowing like crazy in Philly. Big, huge fat flakes. You can hardly see the field. They’re playing in snow drifts. I can see where they’ve brush the snow away from the lines, maybe with a blower or something, but the numbers are still perfectly visible. They don’t look at all like they’ve been cleared. You can just see them. How is that?

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The yardage lines & numbers are still visible at Wembley Stadium off the yank football game a couple of months ago.
They must use indelible fucking ink or something.

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Ah yes. Heated IFI!

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Stuff like that is often enhanced on TV. Could that have been the case?

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@Seelix I thought of that. It seemed the only logical answer but…it just didn’t feel like graphics. It seemed awfully complicated. But, then again, maybe they’ve gotten that good with them now.
You couldn’t seen the yard numbers in the Washington KC game! It was snowin’ all over the world yesterday.

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