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In your opinion, which player has the biggest ego in American Football?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9289 points ) December 8th, 2013

Not a fan of Cam Newton here. He loves himself a little too much. lol!

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@Mama_Cakes Don’t “Dis” North Carolina Panthers.

Drew Brees thinks he he is the best cough Nyquil and Dayquial sales person EVER!

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Your Peyton is a machine! :)

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How about that Prater? 64 yard record! :)

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It was a beauty!

I love watching Brees and Manning. They make it look so easy. Both humble guys, in my opinion. Manning is such a pro!

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This is all coming from a chick who watched her first full NFL football game last year. N’s got me so into it. I find it calming. ;-)

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@jonsblond No brother of Eli’s is likely to be entirely humble.

Maybe Brady’s big headed and has learned to hide it by watching Coach Belichick’s self-effacing manor with the press, but you never hear Brady talking trash. Even when they interview him about playing a loss leader like Houston, he’s all about warning what a good team his opponents are and how tough it’s going to be to get a win. Turned out he was right, too. They just squeaked by as they did again this week against a lackluster Cleveland Browns.

If I had to nominate a cocky Patriot, it would have to be Aaron Hernandez. He was so full of himself he thought he could get away with murder. Turns out, unlike Brady, he was wrong.

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Brady’s a cry-baby. What’chu talkin’ ‘bout? I do agree with you about Hernandez

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@jonsblond Ha! Self effacing ≠ cry-baby. And unless you’re as bad as Leroy Brown, I’d recommend against calling either Brady or Manning a cry-baby to their face.

I think they are both incredibly talented quarterbacks with a fabulous depth of knowledge of the game. From year to year, depending on what sort of offensive line and receivers they have, one or the other looks dominant. But that’s largely due to the supporting cast. The all-time best quarterback in history is a dead man if his offensive line can’t give him time to set up a play.

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@ETpro ”...but you never hear Brady talking trash.” I don’t know if I believe that. That’s not even getting into the multitude of f-bombs directed at the other team you can see him mouth on the sideline if he’s losing late in the game by more than seven. He does (mostly) toe the line of Belichick’s rules about football before egos, but the ego and trash talking most certainly are there.

I don’t know what player I would elect. If you included coaches, I think Rex Ryan would win hands down.

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I was only thinking of current players…

I’d like to add Cris Collinsworth to my list.

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@amujinx Is that the best ya got? A guy complains about a bad hotel, and that’s talking trash? This is talking trash.

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I’m with you on Cam Newton, you don’t get to steal a laptop, write your name on it, get kicked out of school, sell yourself to the highest bidder, declare yourself an icon before you’re even drafted, and wear this sweater without having a bit of ego.

Ohh and he thinks he’s superman. So there’s that.

Richard Sherman would be my second choice.

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@ETpro If there was good reason to make the comment, then no, it wouldn’t be talking trash. When he does it before the Super Bowl against a completely different team, about a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in years, and was doing it when asked a question that in no way related to Buffalo, then yes, it is trash talking. Brady was just butthurt that he got embarrassed by the Bills that season. And he should be embarrassed by that effort, because the Bills were pretty pathetic that season, as they have been since something like 2001. So, if you don’t want to count that as trash talking, fine; but then it can easily serve as evidence for him being a crybaby.

There are plenty of nice hotels in Buffalo, but none of the nice ones are large enough to accommodate an entire NFL team and their staff. Maybe if Brady wasn’t a cheapskate he could put his father up in one of the nice hotels.

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QB’s and wide receivers operate on self belief in their roles as passers and pass catchers. Brady is the most competitive and does his best under pressure and is very demanding of his receivers to run their routes properly. I don’t know the man personally but from what I’ve seen on the sidelines he definitely carries a huge ego with him. Wouldn’t want to cross him;)

All of the great ones have that need to win and play at a high level. Joe Theisman, former Redskin qb, and Jim Harbaugh, former Bear’s qb and current Niners’ coach both seem to be in love with themselves and very self absorbed at times.
The great wideout from Detroit, Calvin Johnson, seems unshakeable in his desire to compete at a high level but never appears flashy on the field but we all remember Randy Moss and Terrelle Owen, not for their exploits but for their prima donna personas.
All your great linebackers were ferocious tacklers (Butkus, Taylor, Ehrlacker, Seau, Huff, etc.) on the field but only Taylor acted out off the field and snorted coke at halftime. I think all the fame and money was too much for him to handle.
The former defensive back, Deon Sanders (primetime) is still in a class by himself, ego-wise.

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