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Should I report these cheaters?

Asked by Emmy1234 (811 points ) December 9th, 2013

I am an adult first time college student in school with some extremely immature kids. I have a computer class that has been a joke most of the semester. The professor 1.doesn’t actually grade our work she just makes sure it is done and gives full credit 2.doesn’t show up to class half the time 3.doesn’t alert us when we aren’t having class a coach for the softball team, and really doesn’t give a crap about anything. We have discussion questions weekly that we submit on a discussion board and can be viewed and commented about by our classmates. I did my discussion question the other day and submitted and when I checked back and read other’s discussions 2 students had almost verbatim copied what I wrote. I am torn if I should just leave it alone or say something. I work hard on everything I submit and it irritates me that someone would put such little effort into something and steal my work. I don’t think the teacher would see it because I don’t think she reads our responses and if she did see I doubt she would report it because the 2 girls that copied are athletes. Plus I’m going into computer studies if I report it will it potentially cause problems for me in the future? What if this teacher and other students I have to work with on a regular basis in the future. Maybe I should comment of the 2 girls submissions “Wow that looks a lot like my work!” If this happened to you….What would you do?

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