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Can you recomend some free or less than $100 a month educational program for adults?

Asked by talljasperman (16729 points ) December 9th, 2013

With a focus on high school science/english/social studies.

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Are you looking for GED stuff, or just learning for fun?

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Go sit in a public library and read anything from the science/English/social studies sections that catches your eye.

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This is a do-it-yourself deal, but it works really nicely. Read biographies from a certain time period and within a certain country. Then plot the events of the different people on a timeline. Notice who was alive at the same time, who might have had a chance to meet, were they friends or antagonists, did one influence the other in some way, etc. When we homeschooled, my daughter became an authority on the American and French Revolutions in just this way.

To make it even nicer, get a big map of that country, and use pins to place where those people were and where they traveled. If you want, you could connect the pins to indicate where they went when. Or connect different characters to indicate relationship.

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Yes, Khan Academy. The internet is full of information, it’s not just all porn lol.

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