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Haven't had soda in 5 years. How will my body most likely react if I drink 2 or 3 sodas in an hour?

Asked by rockfan (2441 points ) December 9th, 2013

The only drinks I’ve consumed in the past five years are water, tea (no caffeine) and non-fat milk. By the way, this is just a hypothetical question, I’m really curious to see how hyper active I would get.

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Probably similar to drinking three strong cups of espresso in an hour. Try it and see. Consider it a bio/chem experiment for mankind.

You’d certainly be wired. Drink them from 8 – 9 AM so as not to interfere with a good night’s sleep. And even if it does, by the next morning it will just be a memory.

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You should be fine if you stick to non-caffenated sodas.

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Other than a sugar rush I’m sure you’ll be fine.

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The caffeine in the soda would bind to the adenosyne receptors in your brain, preventing your body from feeling tired for a while, increasing efficiency of your dopamine production, and increasing adrenaline production.

The half-life of caffeine is 2.5 – 4.5 hours, depending on your age, weight, and metabolism, and some medications.

You may experience a “crash” brought on by your brain reacting to the chemical imbalance. This crash is caused by an overproduction of adenosyne, in response to the blocked receptors. Just take a nap and you’ll be fine.

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The carbonation, which your body is not at all used to, ail make you burp a lot and may even hurt your throat as it comes back up, since it is air and will dry out your throat.

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Drinking a lot of soda could cause dehydration, the soda itself wont, but the carbonation does. It’s often loaded with caffeine. It’s a diuretic, which means that it’s dehydrating.

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Belch…fart…fart…belch…& relax.

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Since I’ve been eating and drinking food with mostly real ingredients, I find that if I do try something with processed or artificial ingredients it tastes like crap. Anything with high fructose corn syrup leaves a taste in my mouth. It’s not that I have a bad reaction to any of it, I just find that I don’t like it.

As others have noted, if you’re not used to caffeine and it’s in the sodas, you may react to that. Similarly, you may react to some of the other ingredients, like artificial sweeteners, which some claim can cause migraines, etc. If you’re still consuming other processed food items, you probably won’t notice much.

I found a brand if breakfast cereal that is like the big brands, but uses real sugar and flavors like when I was a kid… my son is amazed at how much better they taste, after being leery because they weren’t the name brand.

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A friend of mine gave up pop a few years ago. He had one a few months ago just for the hell of it, after not having had it for a couple of years. He’s a regular coffee drinker, but always drinks it black and his sugar intake is pretty low overall. He said the Pepsi made him feel drunk, and he was acting pretty hyper. I’m gonna assume that it’d affect everyone differently.

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I limit myself to one soda per week for my health and teeth enamel, not to mention my stomach lining, and if I break that I can get super hyper, sometimes a headache and I’m really affected by caffeine, so I’d probably be up for two days.

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