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Is my 200 word sentence grammatical?

Asked by julia92 (7 points ) December 10th, 2013

Please help! For my class ‘Grammar & Proofreading’, we have to write a 200 word grammatical sentence that includes at least one of each of the following elements. I numbered one of each element, but I am not sure if my punctuations are correct.

1) Absolute Phrase
2) Parallel Construction
3) Sentence Modifier
4) Restrictive Modifier
5) conjunctive adverb
6) Correlative Conjunction
7) Subordinator

here is my sentence:

There was no cars in sight and Oles, his head held up high and his hands firmly jammed in his coat pockets,(1) continued walking along the mortmain road; provided that the inchoate moon would light his way,(4) Oles, thithered towards the gloomy outline of a house; walking over the river and through the fields,(6) zephyr gust swaying the tall grass, a silhouette of an elderly lady, wearing a snood,(5) was surprisingly clear in the distance; as Oles approached closer the candles on the porch light the surroundings; however, the woman’s dour face remained in the darkness;(3) the smell of stew, delicious and inviting,(7) wafted in the air making only the next couple seconds all the longer;(2) finally, the silence was broken by the quivering sound of the front door, musical notes from the Oud drifted smoothly through the small opening followed by rays of bright light; slowly and smoothly the light devoured the woman revealing her true age, attention fully on the young girl, Oles, didn’t notice the man at the door way, his mouth gaping in a kind of rictus that would startle any trespasser; the man marched over and gripped the lady’s shoulder forcing her into the house; the solid door closed with a loud thump and Oles was left to be consumed by the darkness of his pondering fear.

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