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How do you feel about psychedelics?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (28338 points ) December 10th, 2013

Should all psychedelics be considered dangerous and illegal schedule one drugs? Or is there any value to making them available for personal exploration, and possibly healing purposes?

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Bottleneck pillowcase. Porcupine sherbert bobsledding mesquite. Jammies.

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When it comes to personal exploration I find huh huh I said “comes” drugs to be useful as I feel they bring out dragons honesty in people.

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All drugs should be legal.

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Get wasted all you like.

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I’d try it once. Under the appropriate circumstances.

And, f*king legalize everything, already.

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I’m with them, legalize everything.

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Finally, a topic we all agree on, seriously LOVE IT!

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I used too many in my late teens and I wish I hadn’t. I blame my poor memory and other issues I have on my prior use. I wish I never touched the stuff.

I don’t really care if they are illegal or not. They’ll still be around.

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I haven’t tried them yet, but I want to once to see this new plane of existence. I could’ve done it as a teen, but I was actually afraid from when I saw a guy have a bad trip, but I’m a generally happy and curious person so I think I’ll be fine lol.

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@Blackberry I try everything once but shrooms & acid aren’t cool for control freaks. Make sure one person is sober.

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I believe because of psychedelics I am a far more open, accepting, and understanding person. I believe they have also allowed me to gain a lot of insight into the inner workings of my own brain and how I view/do things. In short, I believe I am a better person because of the experiences I’ve had.

That said, I am annoyed with the way I see a lot of kids in this younger generation use these drugs. They’re something to be respected. You don’t take them to get “fucked up” you take them for spiritual healing and insight.

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Like @jonsblond I used “psychedelics” (specifically acid) in my teens, I have no regrets and some fun memories as a result, although I would not repeat the experience these days. Unlike @uberbatman I don’t think it increased my insight although I definitely got to know the veins in my hand very intimately one night.

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I’ve only done acid a few times, on “special occasions” and I LOVE IT. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is similar to the way mushrooms make me feel, except much more extreme and also without the sick feeling, so a win-win. I feel similarly to @uberbatman….. I believe they give you a better view of the “big picture”. They make you feel spiritual, and connected, and moved by even the tiniest things. I think the world should strive to be more moved by tiny things. We clearly have become disconnected from what really matters, and psychedelic drugs, honestly, I think are one of the only things that can bring us back to that uninhibited unconstricted feeling of closeness to the world around us. But, most people are close-minded, and don’t understand that. I doubt they will ever be widely accepted, and that is sad, because they are still going to be around anyhow. Might as well celebrate it!

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I don’t trust mind alterating drugs.

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This is one of many things that is really none of the governments business, so no, it (they) should not be on any list.

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I’m very glad I explored acid and shrooms. I’d do it now on occasion if it were legal. It connects you with areas of the mind that are incredibly creative and can lead to profound revaluations. They should be legal but regulated. Abuse, using them to go wild at parties, etc, should be handled just as alcohol abuse is handled. But look how many people came together at Woodstock and were blasted out of their minds on acid for 3 days. No violent crimes.

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If I wasn’t on so many prescription meds already, I’d like to try it. I just fear interactions.

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I have not had a negative experience with them but I have heard and read of those who have had. I think that a lot of it depends on your mindset. My wife would not even consider them because, in her words, she is not mentally stable enough.

You have to be able to judge yourself and make the appropriate decisions.

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@rojo Anyone who even suspects they are not mentally stable enough to do psychedelics is RIGHT.

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Tru dat.

Isn’t that one of those Catch 22 things? – You would have to be crazy to want to be here so if you want out you must be sane and if you are sane, you must stay.

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@rojo Never thought about that. Next time I drop acid, I will give it some attention.

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@ETpro don’t spend too much time on it. It detracts from all the pretty colors. A rainbow of M&M’s falling all around you!”

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About the most honest set of answers I’ve ever received in one thread.

Muchas gracias!

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I had a bad trip years ago but it brought me into contact with people who gave me somewhat of a road map to better understanding of spirituality and how to tune in without the use of artificial chemicals. I think we are all looking for answers but psychedelics should be used sparingly or not at all in my own experience. Be here now:)

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No thanks. I’m happy with a good pizza.

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Ah Pachy, not much beats a good pepperoni high!

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Did LSD a number of times.

Usually during the day. My friends and I would set alarms and wake early as if getting ready for work. We would have a day bag packed and head for Tampa.

Delivery system: Smarties candy. Packs were opened and the liquid acid dropped on one of the candies, then packs were closed, shuffled and distributed. Nobody knew the precise moment they had dropped. Things were usually starting to happen by the time we crested the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, then the world’s only precast single suspension bridge.

A couple of times the first stop was the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. My friend caught himself saying “let’s go watch some more paintings.”

The day was spent literally running around making and sharing observations.

I was the underground superhero known as Acid Man in my invisible LSD cloak. Able to observe the unobservable. I was profound and wise. The masses around me unable to see what I could see and with no awareness of my chemical based hyper senses.

Acid Man marveled at the beauty of nature, the nearly undetectable uniqueness of my individual heartbeats, but was more struck by the wonder of human technology. The impossible smoothness of clearcoated stainless steel. The sweet taste of diesel exhaust.

Days wound down as the sun set over the water at St. Pete beach. The sunset casting it’s orange glow on everything in existence.

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Tampa? That was your acid trip destination?

Pray tell why?

Ah. Dali. That explains it.

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I know a number of people who did to many mind-altering drugs and it lessened their lives considerably, like @jonsblond. But who doesn’t know a number of people that have had that experience with alcohol? To me it’s another “Brother’s Keeper” question.

That said, I loved, simply loved dropping acid when I was late tee-early 20’s. So much so that there came a point where I had to make the conscious decision to stop or risk dedicating at least a portion of my life to it, exclusively. Fortunately (for me) one of the promising people I saw ruined by drugs was my brother, 6 years my senior. By the time I started using, he was already a 10 year vet, and seriously messed up.

There are legitimate reasons for illegal drugs. The only drug I’m aware of the US making illegal and then reversing is alcohol.

Illegal drugs are commonly available to they young, and I would encourage anyone interested in trying non-opiate drugs to do so. My memories are much like @SecondHandStokes.

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^^Tampa and St. Pete were our only urban choices as we lived in the retirement backwater that was Sarasota.

Disney World wasn’t bad either.

As we board the terror train into the Haunted Mansion an actor who detected our state jumped in front of our seats and said:

“Have a nice….. trip!

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Dear NSA,

Kindly shove my recollections up your servers.

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^^^ It was the same for me and most of my confederates:

Chose to do the acid a few times then walk away. Recall the experiences with fondness.

Alcohol should be legal as Thomas Hardy’s vintage ‘75 ale tastes GOOD.

“Windows would be a far better product had Bill Gates dropped acid just once.”

-Steve Jobs.

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Another thing that seems worth noting is that most of the positive experiences listed here are from users ’of a certain age’. The drugs today are much more refined/potent and the college age kids today have access to a hell of a lot more money than my friends and I did, 30 years ago. If I had a kid in college today and they even hinted at legalizing psychedelics I’d probably be marching on Washington.

Walking away from LSD was a difficult choice for me even as a rural kid on a strictly limited budget. Without the structure of college, would have had no incentive to stop, and many who didn’t leave home for college, didn’t.

I mean, do people realize that today, in the rural heartland of the US, meth is common and routine? I was amazed recently when 2 young girls that I had met that day under trying (Beth had found her mother dead that morning) circumstances felt nothing of discussing the fact the Tammy’s brother was recently murdered as he attempted to distribute meth. There was no shame, because it’s so routine to them. Both girls are from decent, rural families and attending college current. It shocks me the pervasiveness.

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@SecondHandStoke I find it interesting you were seeking out an urban locations, I generally try and get as far away from society as possible and connect with nature when I do. My best experience by far was definitely snorkeling over the reef in Honduras. I’ll never forget how powerful it felt swimming arms length from an eagle ray, staring into the eye of this majestic creature while it looked back at me peacefully swimming with me as we shared the moment together.

@ibstubro “The drugs today are much more refined/potent and the college age kids today have access to a hell of a lot more money than my friends and I did, 30 years ago.” The LSD is less potent usually than what you guys used to get.

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^ Agreed. Never done it (yet) but if I get the opportunity to try mushrooms or peyote (I won’t touch LSD – Hubby’s friend still thinks he’s a D&D character) it will be in the woods. Far, far away from people or buildings.

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@Seek_Kolinahr It’s funny that a lot of people say they’re afraid of LSD but are open to the idea of mushrooms or peyote. LSD is, IMO a drug that can be controlled fairly well(by that I mean I can control where my trip goes and what I think about) mushrooms and peyote are really a buy the ticket take the ride type of deal. I’ve had a lot more dark/less pleasurable experiences with mushrooms.

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Joining a choir will make people more happy and I’m talking about sustained happiness without side effects.

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I’m more worried about the possible lasting damage than the bad trip. If my brain is going to be frakked, I’m willingly surrendering control anyway. But I am not going to be spending my next 50 years commanding a half-orc horde across Evermeet.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Hate to break it to you then, you shouldn’t do any hallucinogens. Your husbands friend could have just as easily taken mushrooms, peyote, or dmt and had the same thing happen. It’s down to the individuals brain, not the specific hallucinogen.

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Acid always made me grind my teeth and I ended up with a sore jaw afterwards. Shrooms and ecstasy were more pleasant for me, but I hate the feeling of not being in control. That’s why I’d never touch them again. That and not wanting to fry my brain more than I already have.

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Natural environments were fantastic too.

Once the sun set we would often seek out a isolated point on the leeside of Siesta key, our trip now mellowed with beer.

The air thick with ionic energy.

We would enter the water naked and disturb the Phytoplankton causing the water to glow.

Good times.

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I met two brothers, both good-looking but one was like model good-looking. They came to my house to party and the really good-looking one kept saying weird stuff and not looking at anyone, so his brother finally caught on that I was confused and he says “Yeah, my brother dropped way too many tabs one night and never came back.”

So although my few experiences were okay, I still have a healthy dose of respect. The englightening and pretty colors are not worth spending the rest of your life as a veg you know?! Be careful out there kiddos.

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^A friend of a friend decided that 8 tabs would do the trick at a party we hosted.

This stick thin dyke eventually shed her clothes, ground her twizzer into the front yard and proclaimed she was “fucking the Earth.”

We put her in the pool hoping that would mellow her out. She spent the next half hour pacing and waving her hands in agreement with the vortex of logic that spewed from her mouth.

This was creating negative energy for the rest of us.

We locked her in an empty bedroom and let her go to town.

She was still on the train inside her head the following morning, chanting and lecturing.

She’s now a Florida State trooper.

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@SecondHandStoke Dude, a trooper, go figure. ;)

My first trip my idiot landlord came by to see why ten of us were running around the yard, so dumb me is like, “Hey, get out of the road, Howard, one of these cars are going to hit you” because the headlights were so bright and pulsing, I couldn’t even tell the width of the road at that point you know? The last time my ‘good’ friend wanted to go driving which completely freaked me out because I knew no one was sober enough to drive, so it pretty much ruined my fun. Then that same night, a couple who was sober came by and we were all like “why are they staring at us”, probably too loud, but what a night.

Like @Seek if ever I go that route to englightenment again, I’m going to the woods.

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^Me too.

Since my tripping days I’ve spent a few weekends in a fine cabin on blood Mountain in north Georgia.

I’ll do it there next time.

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@KNOWITALL Yea, the last thing anyone wants to encounter whilst tripping is someone who is not on that same plane. Fucks with the vibes of everything.

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Good reading.

Read the reviews at bottom of page.

I think there may be some merit to the idea of using entheogens for curing, yes curing, many types of addictions.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Ibogaine is considered one of the best in that regard.Ayahuasca also has a very long history of being used for treating addictions. I personally know someone who used it to break a heroin addiction.

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Above I spoke about the girl we knew that took eight hits at once and later became a State Trooper.

At the time I thought this was a terrible idea.

After living in Manhattan and dealing with and hearing about the antics of the NYPD I believe tripping should be a requirement to graduate from the academy.

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How does tripping jibe with your Christianity?

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@SecondHandStoke GQ. I guess the same way cussing, drinking and smoking cigarettes jibes for a lot of Christians (you should see them all light up when mass is out). I do what I do, I’m just an imperfect fallible human, I never claimed to be perfect, and you know, that’s really okay.

For me, striving for perfection is the goal, but Jesus doesn’t hate on you if you mess up or disobey (body being a temple and all that), we’re His wayward children and I picture Him shaking His head at what we do sometimes, but in the end He always loves and forgives us.

Plus I was raised by a bunch of hippies who were into Jesus and alternative lifestyle choices. Love is the answer man, that’s it. ;)

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“And this I say unto you, to love one another.”

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@SecondHandStoke Unfortunately a lot getting the sinning part but forget the love part. That’s why a lot of us say we love God but not a lot of His followers. :)

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^I’m an atheist but I respect very much the Christian tenet that life is sacred.

Personally I don’t see this as a “pro life” excuse to go political.

Whether it’s church, drugs, LGBT rallies, comedy or kink I’m all about things that break down barriers between people.

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@SecondHandStoke Ditto. You seem much more accepting than a lot of people I talk to (atheist or Christian or other) who can’t wait to judge each other, it’s a nice change.

I’m not wearing a hair shirt you know?! My favorite picture is my laughing Jesus if that tells you anything.

I almost joined a cloister at age 17.

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