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Can you help me with a pain in my foot from running?

Asked by Ltryptophan (9100 points ) December 10th, 2013

I’ve started running over the past 4 months. At first everything was going well. Then after a month I noticed some sensitivity(pain) to touch on the outer surface area above my right ankle! So, I asked around and I was told that my shoes were probably too old (5 years) and needed to be replaced. That is what I did, and voila, no more pain.

Fast forward two months… I’ve been running, and everything is going well. When I was running one time I ran off the street and back onto the sidewalk. One of those strides was uneven and onto a curb with my right foot. I felt zero pain, but I thought to myself I probably shouldn’t land unevenly like that anymore.

When I was finished running two days later I got home and noticed that I was feeling a dull ache at my arch. I thought, well I’ve been running I’m going to experience some pain! So I kept running over the next few days. It got worse! That’s when I stopped. So I laid off of it and didn’t run for about two weeks. The pain subsided completely, and today I decided to try to run again and see how things went. When I got home it was back. Not very intense but it’s there.

Important details: I have mild pes planus. I wear asics gel kayano 20’s. I’m 25–35 years old. I’m male. I’m running about 2 miles and it’s taking me 13 minutes. My BMI is like 21–22.

I think I am suffering from some sort of plantar fasciitis. An experienced runner suggested foot muscle building exercises to me, and a few books.

I’d like everyone’s consensus. I’d describe myself as a beginner with some past military running experience that created no injuries.

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