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Asked by CariaGraceLee (1 points ) December 11th, 2013 from iPhone

I’m Caria and The other day in my sixth period class i was getting picked on by this same group of kids like always so i just was ignoring them then i just stared at a wall and then this heavy poster fell off the wall and rammed the kids in the back about three of them went to the nurse, of corse no one suspected a thing because no one physically touched it, and today i was done with my test so i looked at this flag and it moved and our school cant affored air conditioners so it wasnt an air vent.

So after these things happened, i rode my bike to the library and researched what happened and ‘telekinesis’ came up and im not sure if it “telekenesis or telekinesis” so sorry, but i got books about it and i thought it wasnt theoretically correct but it happened so i am not sure, thanks in advance because i’d like to know asap

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Nope. Coincidence. Material fatigue of the mounting.

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