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Do you think a healthy SEE FOOD, diet will work?

Asked by Pandora (22712 points ) December 11th, 2013

I’ve been thinking about different ways to reach for healthy snacks vs. the fattening sweet ones. I know that, for me, commercials often wet my appetite. So I am about to start an experiment to help me eat healthier by eating fruits and vegetables that I am fond of. I realize that in restaurants I am drawn to the salad bar and fruit bar.

So it had me thinking about taking photos of juicy sweet fruits and salads put together and pasting them all over my fridge. I figured by seeing tempting photos of them, I may be more inclined to want them more and maybe reach for them before the two scoops of icecream, or before making a blt sandwich when I want a snack, or some cookies.

Most days I just want something tasty to eat but when I open the fridge and see some bacon, I don’t bother to look in the salad tray. So, I wondered if I advertise, the healthy stuff, if it may make me more prone to choose them first.

I do eat well most days but with winter upon me, I find I have been gravitating towards junk food and I don’t want to find myself 30 lbs heavier come April.

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