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Website design & usability -- can you help shorten a couple of words?

Asked by ETpro (34145 points ) December 11th, 2013

On MikaMaya Art, I need to gain just a little space in the first column of a table of painting sizes. The link above goes right to a page with such a table. Right now, the first column says Size, and that’s crystal clear. But I need to add the ability to toggle the display there between Inch and CM display. So I need it to say something like
Size in cm

Viewers who prefer Metric measurements will be able to click on the cm link to see it in metric measure. Clicking in would toggle them back to the inch display, which will come up as the default.

To gain space for that, I could shorten the column headings Depth and/or Select. But what shorter piece of text would adequately define what those columns contain? Fluther wordsmiths and website usability critics. Help!

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Can you not add inch and centimeter options after “Size” above the table?

If you add “in” and “cm” to size within the table to size but not depth, it will look sloppy.

I don’t know your flexibility. Can you combine the first 2 columns into “Dim. (in) (cm)” and change to 14×14 x 1?

You have a redundant “size” you need to eliminate, in my opinion.

Combining columns and eliminating the ” on all 3 might give you room for the clearer and more descriptive 14(h) x 14(w) x 1(d)

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Great idea! I’ll bounce that off the store owner and see what she thinks. Thanks

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I’ve done a little bit of design, and tend to have an eye for it. The Devil (fun) is in the details.

Did you have to move the right (green) margin button in a bit? Perhaps to accommodate the Paypal logo? It unbalanced your page a bit making the menu side noticeably smaller and the orange bottom border off-center. Can you verticalize Paypal then move the thumbnails and right green border over? Better balance and room to increase the font slightly for legibility?

I’m not being critical, I just love this crap.

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can you get their country from IP address and automatically change it to local standards?
if you use PHP

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If you need to keep all of the columns (that is, if you want the depth in a separate column), then “size” in the table should be changed to “area.” Other than that, I agree with @ibstubro‘s suggesting of adding the options after the word “Sizes” above the table. Perhaps a drop down menu?

@drhat77 It’s still a good idea to have some way of switching the options, though. People travel, emigrate, and so forth.

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Are there always sale prices? because that makes the row 2 lines highs. YOu can have the primary measure first (based on IP address), then second measure show up underneath. so in the US:

and in jolly old England

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