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What are the things you most like about Winter?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (32319 points ) December 11th, 2013

It’s cold, snowy (at least in the NE) but it has Christmas, family get together’s , hot chocolate, wassail, stockings, hockey, curling, (just seeing if you’re paying attention), and the Candle Light Evening. I hope it’s warm enough to go. Anyone that knows what the CLE is get’s a GA. (Also making up for a couple of my dark posts.)

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I love snow, and the quiet it brings. I love the cold, crisp air. I love cuddling under layers of blankets. I enjoy driving in snow (I miss having a manual transmission in snow). I used to enjoy skiing, but I’m not in shape for it anymore. I enjoy the hearty meals of winter, and hot soups. I don’t know what CLE is, though.

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Oh crap, I forgot feeding the birds.

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I stopped feeding the birds because it resulted in feeding the feral cats… I came up the stairs to the deck to find feathers everywhere; thankfully, they took the carcass with them.

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Being able to go to the supermarket and not have to rush home.

Falling snow.

The crispness in the air. For a few days, then give me the 80 degree weather.

Turtle neck sweaters and shirts cover my wrinkles on my neck.

Ask me what I hate about winter and the list would be 5 times as long.

Edit: The mention of the birds reminds me how nice and quiet the winter is.

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My likes include sleeping under a blanket or comforter, wearing sweaters and pullovers, eating Mexican food, anticipation of the holidays, overcast days when it looks like it might rain or snow, and not having to water or mow my lawn.

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When I’m outside and I smell fireplace smoke.

The peace and quiet of a cold winter night.

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@JLeslie Hey you, you are sweet and kind. Please never worry about a few wrinkles. They are most likely knowledge lines.

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@jca I love smoke in the winter. Other times it’s mean.

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Chilly weather. South Carolina doesn’t get snow usually.

Winter clothes. Skinny jeans tucked into boots and my peacoat.

Christmas. Lights, music, atmosphere.

Hot chocolate, cookies, and roasted marshmallows.

Having the fireplace going in the evenings.

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Egg nog. More food.

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Egg nog should be gross but it goes with Christmas.

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Cold air invigorates me. I love wearing sweatshirts and bundling up in blankets. I love cloudy days and I enjoy watching the snow fall. I’m a night owl, so it doesn’t bother me when it gets dark early.

I laugh when the weather forecasters joke about moving to Florida the first day it’s chilly, but then I feel like the only person who looks forward to winter. I don’t mind because I’m a bit of a loner.

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The water from the tap comes out really cold. And I usually drink tap water over bottled.
Also, I don’t have to mow the lawn. And the neighborhood kids aren’t out screaming at the top of their lungs as much.

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Snow makes thing’s clean looking & kills bugs, other than that nada lol.

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Fires in the fireplace. Candles. Christmas cards. Family coming to visit. The Winter Solstice. Dark mornings with the sound of owls hooting their mating calls across the canyons to one another. Football. Hot buttered rum. Christmas lights. Rain. Ice in the bird bath. Citrus fruits.

Here in CA we have some days that are warm enough to sun bathe in a bikini – and I like that.

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Xmas, snow, Xmas, Xmas, Xmas & did I mention Xmas.

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I like the crisp, refreshing nature of it. Biting cold is better than just dull cold. I like the contrast between the white of outside, and the general glow and warmth of the inside.

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The smell of a wood fire wafting up the chimney, when you’re outside on a cold night.

The idea of spending a few nights in a cozy Cabin in the snowy woods.

Drinking hot cider and hot cocoa.

The idea of ice skating on a Frozen Pond

Frolicking in the snow with a friend.

Making hot Soup

Making a Snowman

Listening to Christmas Carols

The sight of Christmas Lights in the snow.

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I like a nice day like today: snowing outside, my daughter is at my parents’ and I have the whole house to myself for the weekend!

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Making a fireplace
Putting up the Christmas tree
Looking at house decorations
Hot cocoa
Snuggling under the covers

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