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Isn't global warming a "pay me now or pay me later" proposition?

Asked by ETpro (34150 points ) December 12th, 2013

Those who want to deny climate change and the impact of CO2 emissions seem concerned with the cost of fixing the emissions problem. But is this a cost we can avoid? “Pay me now of pay me later.” means if you invest now, you can save paying a huge penalty at the later date. Fram (the auto oil filter company) coined the term to point out the truism auto mechanics pass on to their customers. You can pay a little bit to change your oil, and your air and oil filters on a regular basis; or you can save that small cost, but you will soon have to pay a steep price for a complete rebuild or replacement of the engine due to wear from dirty oil and grime buildup.

Isn’t unrestrained CO2 emission a “Pay me now or pay me later.” proposition? The UK’s Prince Charles recently added his warning of the increasingly ominous consequences of doing nothing about curbing greenhouse gas emissions just because doing nothing is cheaper than doing something. Don’t we yet realize that while curbing carbon emissions does carry a cost, the cost of NOT doing so will be far greater and far more disruptive to global economies?

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