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Have any of you seen the movie The Purge?

Asked by AshlynM (6157 points ) December 13th, 2013

I’ve recently seen this movie called The Purge. All criminal activity is legal during a 12 hour period. Anything goes, rape, murder, theft. There are however, two rules that must be abided by during The Purge. No government official ranking of 10 or higher can be harmed and weaponry above class 4 is forbidden. Also emergency services such as police and firefighters will not be available until after the time period. The true gem is anyone who does NOT follow the rules of The Purge will be executed.

The Purge is supposed to cut down on crime and unemployment.
Do you think this would really work in the real world?

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“The Purge is supposed to cut down on crime and unemployment. Do you think this would really work in the real world?”

Who cares? I wouldn’t want to live in a society like that. It doesn’t matter whether it would cut down crime and unemployment. The cost is too high.

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It doesn’t cut down on crime, it just concentrates it a bit more. And the claim about reducing unemployment, while probably true, is misleading. We could reduce unemployment to zero in the United States if we were willing to execute everyone the Bureau of Labor Statistics counts as unemployed, but that would go against the whole point of this “civilization” thing we’re trying to do here. So does the Purge.

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Just killing everybody would reduce unemployment and crime to absolutely nonexistent. Why use half-measures? Afraid to commit to true goodness? ~

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Ignoring the fact that it’s a pretty horrible movie, I look at it this way; if tomorrow, it were legal for me to murder someone, I wouldn’t do it. I don’t refrain from killing people because of legality, I refrain because it’s wrong. So the only people that would kill are kinda messed up in the head to begin with. The question is, how does having a bunch of killers surviving, whilst all the innocents are killed reduce crime in the end? If anything it would make the crime rates higher….

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It is amusing that, true to life, the politicians exempt themselves. Howe can you cut down on crime without getting rid of the politicians?

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I don’t think it would really work, but I really liked that movie.

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