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Is there anything I can do to repair my leather couch and keep my kitty from scratching it?

Asked by Emmy1234 (811 points ) December 13th, 2013

I have nice leather furniture that I inherited from my dad’s estate that I would like to keep awhile. I rescued a kitten a few months back from a dog attack and keep him inside. He is absolutely terrorizing my house. I’ve replaced shower curtains and curtains that he shredded. He’s scratched a large amount of wallpaper off of my kitchen wall. He is destorying my leather furniture! The new interest is the christmas tree. He constantly pounces and bites my 8 year old indoor/outdoor cat to the point he doesn’t want to come inside at all now. I love this kitty and will not put him outside because he is terrified after being attacked. He just sniffs at the door when I open it and turns around. I will not declaw because I don’t believe in doing that. I’ve bought scratching posts and mats and he uses them but when he is on a rampage he runs mach 10 laying nails to everything. We have plenty of play toys and my kids play with him frequently. He is not neutered yet going to be doing that soon and I know that will calm him down some. I know its because he young and couped up inside makes him bored (he was a wild cat). Is there anything I can do to keep him from destroying things? Is there anything I can do to hide or repair the scratch marks on the leather? If not I’ll just deal with it because I’m not going to get rid of him. I just wanted to know it I could do an intervention lol.

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