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Who was the psychologist who deliberately set out to catch a cold?

Asked by lifeflame (5790 points ) December 14th, 2013

I remember reading an anecdote about a psychologist who was convinced that illness comes from our fears and a resistance to the understanding of the process; and so he did a sort of extreme experiment with himself in which he deliberately tried to “catch a cold.” He went into the snowy mountains into a snowstorm and tried to induce a cold in himself and try to understand the process. I think he managed to get himself sick, but apparently he never caught the common cold again.

Does anyone remember who the psychologist was, and where this reference is from (the book / chapter?)
I want to say Carl Jung because of the snow scene sounds like Switzerland; but I’ve also been reading Murray Stein, Arnold Mindell, etc recently. Or another source entirely?

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