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How ignorant can one person possibly be?

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and..Jesus was not white, he was most likely a very dark middle easterner. Insanity knows no bounds. Pffft.
The PC thing has jumped the tracks, far and beyond and is a speeding bullet of bullshit.

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Are you agreeing or disagreeing with Megyn Kelly?

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Disagreeing. Change Santa to a Penguin? I think not, and oh well, so what, Santa is white because he evolved in Europe not Africa. haha

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Isn’t it obvious as well that the mere fact she spells her name “Megyn” relegates her to the idiot heap? lol

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She isn’t ignorant. Her audience is and they lap this shit up. She just plays stupid on TV.

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Isn’t it nice that she made sure to say that Santa is white, for all the kids who still believe in Santa who are up watching FOX at 9pm on a school night? ~

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We haven’t found out yet. The experiment is well underway. We have the Tea Party as a test group, but the difficulty is in identifying a sufficiently large control group to compare them to.

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She seemed kind of rude to that guy at the end, too. But the whole thing about Santa being white, well if St. Nicholas was, then why shouldn’t he be? It kind of relates to the whole idea of making the holidays a secular thing. The idea of that irks me.
It’s too bad skin color makes people feel insecure, though. It was interesting to find out that Jesus wasn’t European, but I don’t think I would have felt less of a connection with him if I knew that he was the ethnicity that he probably was,

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@dxs Not so sure about that Santa being white thing.

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@glacial Hilarious!

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Okay, lets change Santa to a white duck. I agree with that, Santa Ducky hurry down my chimney tonight. lol

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This was a deleted scene from Anchorman 2, had to be. A bunch of cheesy idiots hamming it up on the nightly noos.
Oh & for the record, God is a gay, black dwarf heavily into ballroom dancing.

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@ucme God is Alanis Morrisette. Did you not see Dogma?

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@Katniss She’s almost as annoying as Celine Dion :(

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I don’t know ,ever hear of the Tea Party?

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