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What approx. % of your responses on Fluther are written from Mobile vs. computer?

Asked by Buttonstc (22974 points ) December 14th, 2013 from iPhone

And, more significantly, what effect does each method have upon your spelling, punctuation and general writing style ?

In another question, I was about to make the statement that nowadays I’ll bet that the majority of Fluther users are on Mobile.

However, I realized that I had no definitive basis to make that statement based only upon my hunch or my personal habits.

For those of us who are hyper-aware of proper usage of punctuation or spelling, the advent of autocorrect on mobile platforms really does throw a monkey wrench into the works.

And each phone’s unique version of autocorrect which differs significantly from another is another factor. IOS does things quite differently on my phone from the way Android does on my tablet.

And added to that is the relative difficulty of trying to proofread on the small input space on mobile as opposed to the much larger area on computer (or the opportunity to first compose the post in Word and then c/p into Fluther. )

So, what’s your experience like with all of this ?

(And being limited to a five minute edit period doesn’t help matters either :)

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There is a 50/50 chance that any post you see from me here is from my Android phone during one of my breaks at work, and the fact that the keyboard on my phone is the size of merely six keys on my desktop rig at home shows. I try to get it right, but it takes me considerably longer; this post that takes me less than 2 minutes on my home PC would take me at least 5 on my phone.

For all of you grammar/punctuation Nazis who think that every error is the result of not caring, try typing using soup cans instead of your fingers and see how well you type when you can’t help but press half the keys at the same time! “Oh, it only takes a second, so you must be lazy!”. I’ll break out the stopwatch and time you; if it takes you longer to type a post with soup cans than with your fingers, your argument is invalid.

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0%. I don’t care enough about any of you to type on the screen. It can wait for a few hours until I get back to a proper keyboard.

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95% of my Fluthering occurs on my iPhone. When it’s done from a computer, it’s only because I was already on it for another reason.

Autocorrect is a bitch, so I use my editing window a lot. I usually read my post before I submit it and then again once it’s submitted just to make sure. I still miss things from time to time.

My iPhone does stupid things like typing “if” instead of “of” or autocorrecting “its” to “it’s.” It’s frustrating, but not frustrating enough to haul my ass upstairs to use the desktop. If I had a tablet or a laptop that wasn’t a piece of shit, I might use that. Then again, I’ve had a Kindle sitting in a drawer unused for about two years, so maybe not.

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I am with @johnpowell. I can’t stand writing letter by letter on that little screen.
I have probably made fewer than 5 comments with my mobile device. That means 99.9+% are from my computer.

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0% cellphone, 100% laptop. My cellphone went overboard exactly one year and a day ago between Key West and CelestĂșn, Yucatan, and I haven’t bothered to replace it. I hope to bloody hell I never have to.

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100% laptop or desktop.

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Approximately 59% mobile phone; 39% tablet; 2% laptop.

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I do not have a mobile phone

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My mobile has a slide out keyboard. The OTTO Koowrecked is for the birds.

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0% mobile. I only use it for making phone calls and the occasional photo.

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100% iPhone. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. :0)

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85% desktop, 10% iPad, 5% or less iPhone. I tend to write lengthier responses on the desktop and enjoy it more.

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100% laptop

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97% desktop / 2% mobile / 1% only in my mind

When I use my iPhone, I always check it on my desktop to be sure it went through, and almost always I find typos, which I correct if there’s still time.

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110% mac
I don’t have any other type computer thing other than my phone, which is one that is considered a “cell phone”. It’s one of those slide-out keyboard ones.

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Lurve to all for your input.

There are far less folks using mobile than I initially thought. Interesting.


I’m so hoping that those who have such a bugaboo about the whole its vs. it’s situation would become more aware of the fact that iPhone keeps insisting upon putting that damn apostrophe in regardless of whether its needed or wanted or not.

And to add to my personal annoyance, when I’m using my Android tablet, it’s exactly the opposite and trying to keep that straight in my subconscious is more trouble than it’s worth.

I love the analogy. Very apt (and cute :)

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100% desktop PC. I have a stupid phone.

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100% laptop.

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O% Mobile.

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99.9% iPhone

I have had no trouble crafting answers this way in five years.

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All of my Fluthering is from laptop or work computer. Typing on a tiny phone screen, for me, is to give short bursts of info, not detailed paragraphs like I often put on Fluther.

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<1% mobile.

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@Buttonstc “regardless of whether its needed or wanted or not”

But it was needed there!! Haha.

I never Fluther from my phone. The mobile interface does not play well with my particular model (full disclosure: it’s a crappy phone), so it’s not worth the effort. When truly desperate, I will try to browse questions on it, but frankly, it’s not even up to that – I can’t select Social or Meta from the dropdown menu, for example. Useless.

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You’re right, of course :)
But now you see what I’m talking about. :)

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@Buttonstc lol – but then it should have added the apostrophe. That’s what I found funny enough to comment on. :)

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I browse questions and moderate from my phone, but will rarely post a response to a question unless I am at a computer. The same can be said for e-mail. I check my messages, but will not compose a response.

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50% iphone, 50% laptop. If I’m using my phone I’m probably bored at work. If I fluther on my laptop, it is more likely because I want to be here.

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98% laptop, 2% iPad and 0% mobile.

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@Buttonstc Are you trying to figure out how many jellies will migrate to Jelly?

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A gelatinous migration!! I can just picture the ooze now….

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@janbb And with a saxophone soundtrack!

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Oh, when the jellies come oozing in!

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10% mobile, 90% computer.

Mobile is very difficult and I am really limited on my number of words. If I write one sentence, I’m probably on mobile.

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100% computer, no mobile for me.

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What’s Jelly?

And the main reason I wondered about it is because there is such a different method of typing between the two platforms. And if someone has never used mobile they have little understanding for the ease with which punctuation and spelling errors can slip through inadvertently due to the idiosyncrasies of autocorrect combined with the tiny editing window compared to computer.

Obviously I am very well aware of when its vs it’s is required (since I spent years teaching it) but you couldn’t tell it from many of my posts here since I’m 100% on either my iPhone or Android tablet and each has a different typing system behavior from the other

I try to catch all the errors but it’s just not possible.

Plus, I do a lot better on other forums where there is not such a short arbitrary time limit for editing. As a matter of fact, there is NO time limit. It really does make a big difference. I’ve really never understood the necessity for the extremely limited editing time for Fluther. Makes no sense at all to me. But, that’s the way it is.

So, people are just going to have to manage to live without perfect punctuation or spelling from me and if they wish to judge me (and many others on mobile) harshly for it, well, that’s just too bad. Such is life.

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@Buttonstc I don’t think it’s necessarily judging, I think misspellings are more of an annoyance to some. Don’t worry, just have fun!! :)

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@Buttonstc: is a new and mysterious social outreach app, shrouded in mystery and awaited with great anticipation by many. Click on “blog,” and scroll down to Ben Finkel, who is its CTO. He is, as I am sure you know, one of the co-founders of, the other being Andrew McClain.

Here is part of the tantalizing but deliberately cryptic come-on:

“Our society is more connected than ever before. There are billions of people using social networks and mobile devices. We have eight people at Jelly with a plan to build something we think is meaningful atop this foundation. Jelly will be a free mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices.”

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@Buttonstc Gailcalled expressed it so much better that I would have. :)

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^^ (Except for that nearly overlapping repetition of mysterious and mystery that I was too late to edit. Don’t you hate when that happens?)

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Ha! I really, really do*.

*I suspect about 90% of my perfecto-fishes were bravely earned by removing instances of the word really.

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No, really!

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Perhaps you can prevail upon Ben to not limit the editing capability and timing so severely on Jelly (as I fear it’s for naught on Fluther since there’s no development being done.)

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^^ You give me far more power than I actually (been waiting to use that word correctly for a while) have; I actually have none. At Ben is apparently one of eight staff members, most of whom seem to be equal in terms of development and decision-making. But as I said, it is all mysterious; at some point all will be revealed (I also love having a chance to use the passive voice).

Since I own neither an Android nor an iOS device, I will probably never know.

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A longer editing time for mobile users would be nice. It’s probably not going to happen, but we can always dream. :)

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Zero. For some reason I cannot log in from my mobile. I’d say 95% are on my desktop computer and 5% on my Android tablet.

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99% on laptop and destop, 1% on mobile phone.
I only use my mobile phone when I’m really in need to ask or answer something.
And whenever I do that I have to accept the fact that there’s no proofing tool for me, resulting in many spelling errors I can’t detect :(

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