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What is the angriest you have ever been with someone?

Asked by flutherother (21354 points ) December 15th, 2013

Why were you angry, what did you do and what was the result?

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Enraged, to the point of breaking things. And it wasn’t at a person so much as a situation. Very poor stress management on my part. I haven’t done that in a long time thankfully.

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I wanted to run over my old boss, repeatedly does that count?

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I failed to drive 45 minutes out of my way to purchase a candy bar for my mother, and she responded by refusing to allow my sister to visit me. When I called her out on how stupid that was, she physically assaulted me. I haven’t spoken to her since. That was six years ago.

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Probably my old boss, or a lawyer I tangled with. Both are lucky I didn’t own a gun.
I had a few weak moments where I might have done something stupid, yet appropriate.

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My EX husband, when I drug his infidelities out of him!
Oh man, good thing we didn’t keep a gun in the house, it would have been all over. I could have gouged his eyes out with a stick. Divorced him instead.

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Myself, for acting stupidly…I blamed myself for months and months, and fell into a deep depression before I was able to recover.

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The guy who ran me down in a crosswalk and ruined my life from that point on. I could have killed him. After he got his van backed off my face, he jumped out and came towards me. I screamed at him to stay away. People thought I was afraid of him. If he’d come within reach I’d have killed him with my bare hands, no qualms. Anybody who hits a pedestrian should have to give THAT vehicle to the victim to keep until their life is back to normal.

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My ex wife, who was certifiably deranged, at her incessant raging and arguing and emotional and verbal abuse.

I am still feeling the damage 8 years after the marriage fell apart, just got put on blood pressure medication.

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My boyfriend and I were having a discussion while driving that was so heated, that it ended in his car flipping over, landing on its roof, and being totaled. It was one month old. We were on a road trip. My mother and brother were driving behind us. It was horrifying. I haven’t been that mad since. Luckily we were both somehow completely fine. It was an extremely surreal event and day. :(

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I don’t do angry, more like cold calculated revenge.

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@ucme you knowwwwww (drifting off in thought) I believe I would have been disappointed if you’d said anything else. LOL.

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Both involved embezzlement. One from an elderly senior and one from a Little League.

I just felt like both were so out of my hands, and neither would get the justice it deserved. Infuriating. I seethed for months over both. I can forgive mistakes, but this was intentional preying on the vulnerable in both cases.

Because there was no justice in either situation, I had to let them go. The memory still makes me feel anger, though.

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@Jonesn4burgers See no point in letting shit get to you, better to make it work for you…mwaahh!!

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I used to fly into insane rages before I started taking an antidepressant 20 years ago. I would get so enraged by minor things. I’d throw and break stuff all the time. I think the angriest I ever got was when my room mate refused to help me look for my glasses. I am legally blind without them and can’t find my glasses if I lose them—even if they are right in front of me. I got so mad that I threw my mattress across the room and broke a bunch of stuff.

It’s a minor thing, but like I said—before I started taking an antidepressant, I would get into these extreme rages over nothing. I can’t even get that mad now if I try. Even if someone killed my whole family and torched all my stuff, I don’t think I could get as angry as I used to back then. It’s just not physically possible.

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So angry I want to kill him. Been like that since 1987.

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My ex, when he cheated. Jerk.

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I don’t usually get very angry at people or situations, so when I try to think of a situation or person, it’s hard to pinpoint one particular thing. I don’t hold grudges, either, because I find it easier and better for me to try to get over my anger and not necessarily forget what happened, but not to hold on to anger about it.

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When I caught my boyfriend in bed with another woman, I jumped in my car and backed over his Harley-Davidson. He never cheated on me again.

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^ Egads!

I wouldn’t have had to cheat again, as the relationship would be over. Wanton destruction of property is where I draw the line.

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@Seek_Kolinahr it wasn’t really ‘wanton destruction’. It was dark, and I didn’t see it until it was too late. Even as mad as I was, I would never have destroyed his bike.

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