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Do you think that its possible to not realize how unhappy you are until you achieve actual happiness?

Asked by emjay (668 points ) December 16th, 2013

A few of you jellies have been involved in the answering of my recent questions and seen how dramatic my life has been lately. On top of the stress, its been stressful, upsetting, seemingly hopeless, confusing, and full of a lot of hardship in the last two-three months or so. During that time I never counted myself as unhappy, though nothing seemed to be going right.
In the last couple of days or so, however, I have not been able to stop smiling. I feel good (I knew that I would! So good, so good… Lol), things are going well again (found a place to live, my bosses are in better moods, AND one of them told me yesterday she’s going to have a serious talk with the other about the promotion I got shafted on even if arguing with him about it costs her her job because she thinks how things happened with that were super wrong.)... Anyway. I guess I didn’t realize how unhappy I’d been until a few burdens had been lifted. I feel high on life! Things aren’t perfect, but they are getting better. A couple people I know even said they have noticed the change in the last few days and are glad to see me happy again. Like I said, I never counted myself as unhappy, but now I do see a difference.
Is this a common thing, being blind to your own unhappiness? Have you ever experienced something like this? Do people really know they are unhappy and just not want to admit it because that means they’d have to do something about it? Give me your thoughts.

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