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I need a good fudge recipe. Anybody have one?

Asked by Katniss (6593 points ) December 16th, 2013 from iPhone

I’ve looked at about 100 different recipes online and I’m just not sure which one to use.
It has to be a recipe that will hold up while being shipped to New York.

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I usually use the one on the Marshmellow Fluff jar.

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Thank you :0)
Is it fairly easy to make? I’ve never made fudge before and I’m afraid it’ll turn out grainy.

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I think it was ok. Been a while since I’ve used it. I’ve found it difficult to make fudge on an electric stove. Seems to work better with gas. Usually I just cheat and buy some.

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Wouldn’t hurt to have a candy thermometer.

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My mother followed the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s powdered cocoa tin to the letter EXCEPT instead of tablespoons of cocoa as called for, she used TEASPOONS. Her fudge was magical. She taught me three inescapable secrets to making great fudge no matter what recipe you use… cook it to the soft ball stage, no more no less; use margarine instead of butter; and as it cools, beat it till your arm drops off before pouring it onto a plate.

Full disclosure: I never successful at making her fudge.

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^^^Trying to memorize that.

The only reason it would be grainy is if the sugar didn’t dissolve all the way.

You know, the chocolate is the last thing you put in. You ever tasted the white stuff before you put the chocolate in? It’s awesome! That’s probably the reason your mom’s fudge was so good Elephant. Got more of that yummy other taste.

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I make the one off of the Marshmallow fluff also and it has never been grainy. It is the easiest fudge ever. You microwave it and pour it in a dish and refrigerate it.

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