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My father said that "AIDs started when a monkey in Africa bit a man on his booty because the man tried to rape it." Is that true?

Asked by curyousYungin (10 points ) December 16th, 2013

My father has always told me and my siblings this

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No that is not true.

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My father said the same… maybe we are related?

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I always heard it started because a guy successfully had sex with a monkey, not got bitten by one.

Either way, it’s probably not true. I don’t think we know for sure how it started.

Dave Chapelle on the subject.

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Yes. Fathers never lie and are never wrong. It’s in the Bible.

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Can’t remember the name of it, but it’s on Netflix, a fantastic documentary on the origins of the virus… they go way way back to explain even how the monkey got it.

But looking for patient zero, they concluded that a hunter had captured and was butchering an infected monkey, whereupon the butchering, the monkeys tainted blood came in contact with an open wound on the man. Bam gott’em!

But the interesting part was how the monkey became infected from the beginning. They traced tens of thousands of years beyond that to genome structures that evolved in two separate species. One species developed a virus which transmutated to the other species, and the aids virus was born. The monkeys were immune, and it lie dormant until the hunter came in contact. They hope to find a cure through this genetic archeology.

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That sounds like a very homophobic statement, if you ask me (not by you, but by your father, sorry).

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Impossible. The monkey would have had to been infected with the virus already.

Aids started when that monkey was bitten on the thigh when it tried to give a BJ to a bore.

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@yankeetooter In what way is that homophobic? It’s a man and a monkey…

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Considering bestiality is a common practice in Africa and is not outlawed in many African countries, it is not so far fetched to conclude that Aids originated from bestiality. In 2002, the organization NSPCA recorded beliefs among African youths that believed sex with animals was a means to avoid AIDS or cure it if infected.

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As far as I know the virus did originate from monkeys, or some sort of similar animal. Or, at least the animal before humans getting it was a monkey, maybe the virus actually lived or lives in other animals too, before the monkeys? I have never heard anything to that effect though.

I had thought it was from beastiality that the virus jumped to humans, but this wikipedia page talks about butchering practices in different parts of Africa and some theories. Within the theories there are inconsistencies that call into question whether the general thoughts around the issue is correct or not.

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In your case, the monkey would have spread AIDS through its saliva, which is very unlikely. In the case of the alleged man who had sex with an infected monkey, that would also be non-blood contact and extremely unlikely (unless he had bleeding abrasions on his genitals or he was the recipient of the sex act).

The most likely circumstances, based on the knowledge that primates have had the virus that can cause AIDS in humans far longer than humans have known of AIDS, is that it was spread through blood contact with butchered bushmeat.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies: Do you have any idea what the title was? I would love to see this. I’m a sucker for documentaries.

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@livelaughlove21 As a gay man, I often read that homosexuality leads to bestiality and pedophilia. They are common insults. @yankeetooter‘s idea this assertion by the OP’s father can easily be seen as homophobic due to this and also because AIDS is still seen as mainly a disease contracted by gay men is not a difficult mental stretch to make.

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@Hawaii_Jake I’m aware of all that, but homosexuality isn’t implied in the actual question. It was assumed.

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@livelaughlove21 When I read the OP, I also thought it sounded homophobic, but then I live with homophobia daily. I am perhaps too sensitive to it.

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@Hawaii_Jake I’m sensitive to it as well, and if I thought it sounded homophobic, I would’ve been the first one to call the OP out on it.

Dad said a man tried to have sex with a monkey and was bitten. In what universe is that homophobic? If the next part is “and then he went and had sex with a bunch of guys, spread the disease, and that’s why mostly gay men have AIDS,” then that would certainly be homophobic. Just because some people think homosexuality and bestiality are related, that doesn’t mean that they are or that we should assume this guy believes that they are.

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@livelaughlove21 As I wrote, “I am perhaps too sensitive to it.” I concede the field.

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@Hawaii_Jake Some people here believe homosexuality will lead to the downfall of life as we know it as well, I get you.

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I wasn’t thinking it was homophobic, but maybe racially motivated or just some sort of idea that Africans are savages.

I seem to remember that herpes in humans was thought to be started from contracting bovine herpes from cows. Either sex with cows or just communicating it from the cow to human through touch. I have no idea if that is how humans first contracted herpes. I do know bovine heroes is a real thing.

When I here stuff like that, these stories of supposed beastiality I just dismiss it in my mind that men can be twisted and awful. LOL. Not that I think most men do things like that, I just mean if someone is going to some sort of twisted thing that I would even consider criminal it is more likely to be a man than a woman.

I don’t relate it to homosexuality at all, but I can see why some people might or why gay people might worry that is what is implied. Just like when the Priests were under fire for pedophilia and tons of people related that to being gay. I was so disgusted by people thinking that way. What does wanting to be sexually intimate with a man have to do with raping and molesting children?

I guess sme people group all “deviant” behavior together. I use deviant as outside the statistical norm, I wish I had a better word, I hope it is understood what I mean and that doesn’t offend anyone. I actually wouldn’t call homosexuality deviant myself, I would not use that word, but people who are homophobic probably think of homosexuality, pedophilia, and beastiality all as simply not being normal to them. Especially if they mix a whole bunch of religion fire and brimstone in.

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@poofandmook No sorry can’t remember the name. Saw it about two months ago. Really well done and just the unbiased facts (as they knew them).

Netflix has a search… But I think the title was something strange, not saying anything about AIDS. Might have to search documentaries and preview each description. Sorry.

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@Hawaii_Jake…thank you for seeing my point, though, conceded or not. I did not mean to upset anyone by making that statement, but when I read it that was the first thing that came to mind.

I have heard enough negative statements from homophobic people in my paths of life that equate to this one, that I guess my mind just connected the experiences…

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The question itself is poorly expressed and tends to allowed a homophobic interpretation because all the nouns and pronouns are masculine. The term ‘booty’ is ambiguous and can be taken refer to what was the target of rape as well as what was bitten.

If you interpret it to mean a man was bitten when he tried to rape a monkey’s ass, that could certainly imply homophobia.

If you interpret it to mean that I man was bitten on the ass when he tried to rape a monkey, there’s nothing but a perverse sex act.

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My sunday schoo teacher said the same thing yes I believe so.

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