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Need help for cracked iPad screen please. Any ideas?

Asked by Buttonstc (22974 points ) December 16th, 2013 from iPhone

This is not for me personally since my tablet is securely encased. This is for a friend of mine on a gaming forum and I’m copying her post directly here hoping you tech savvy Fluther folk might know the best (and most frugal) course of action whether mail order or otherwise.

HELP! Cracked iPad Screen!!

My iPad slipped off my lap landing face down and badly cracking the screen. It still works but clearly I need to get it repaired. I’ve looked online and am debating the options. Hoped to get some input from the knowledgeable and helpful folks here.

Apple store may replace my ipad with a refurbished one but what a pain to try and move all the stuff on this one, especial Nemo’s reef with all the holiday stuff going on. Or they could replace the screen for an exorbitant amount of money.

There are third party options to replace the screen for much less.

I could buy a screen and replace it myself. This is the option I’m leaning towards, having done a reasonable amount of computer hardware fixes etc, but not something this delicate.

Anyone with experience or ideas would be most welcome, Thanks!

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