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Nook App on my tablet seem utterly useless on planes. What am I missing?

Asked by elbanditoroso (13691 points ) December 18th, 2013

I own a very old – original version Nook device. I also own a newer Android tablet. Usually I carry the old Nook when I fly,but I was traveling on business last week and decided to take the tablet, having downloaded the Nook app and downloaded all the books I had previously purchased. Seems reasonable – I could play games or watch downloaded movies on the trip, and also read books using the Nook App.


The Nook app requires an internet connection to let me read a book I paid for. And I’m not going to pay $12.95 for an internet connection on a plane just to read a book.

Several questions:

- Is there a way around this rather senseless impediment when flying? Can I read a Nook book I have paid for, without being connected?

- Is Amazon’s app (NOT the Kindle device, but the App) just as awful?

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