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Movie or TV series endings, which do you believe were a bust?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (20241 points ) December 18th, 2013

I know people who really followed the Sopranos but were let down by the seemingly weak and anti-climactic ending. I remember I watched a short-lived series Kyle XY (or something like that) which I guess was not being picked up in the third season so the powers that be, tried to rush out an ending but it was messy and made no sense as to what was going on in the series up until then. Have you seen a movie or series that after investing so much time, the ending was as flat as warm root beer, or as muddled as a knotted ball of yarn?

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AI: Artificial Intelligence.

Though if I’m being honest, I felt that way about the entire movie.

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I’m still upset about LOST and the smoke monster, etc…very anti-climactic.

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Firefly r.i.p. wash

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Firefly, definitely. The last three episodes didn’t even play.

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Sopranos takes the cake for crummy endings. I was waiting up to the last minute for Adrianna’s body to be discovered, for Carmella to find out that Tony and Chris had her killed, It wasn’t just the fade-into-black ending that was bad – they really didn’t tie up any of the loose ends, and they had plenty of time to do that.

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Spongebob just got worse and worse after the movie came out. That was quite a let down since it was my favorite show as a kid. It became too cliche and predictable.

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Battlestar Galactica. The ending blew chunks.
@Seek_Kolinahr Arguably, Serenity was the conclusion of Firefly. BTW, Zach Whedon is writing a graphic novel sequel.

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Lost’s ending was SUCH a letdown.
The whole last season of Roseanne was terrible and the last episode didn’t save it.

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Highlander, the series had a letdown of an ending.

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They canceled it without giving the writers a change to tie up the loose ends so they were forced to do a hack job on a fantastic series with a huge following.

They did the same thing to Millennium and to Intelligence which was just getting into the very real and very frightening possibility of the US stealing Canadian water – the gold of the future.

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I’m in the Sopranos camp. Horrible ending. Boooooo!!

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I wish the House finale was better.

For the record, I thought the finales of The Sopranos, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica worked on different levels.

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I was pretty unhappy with how the movie Pay it Forward ended. I wonder if they had alternate endings they could have chosen from?

MASH, the TV show, ended in a pretty upsetting way also. A lot of people didn’t like the ending. I barely remember the ending I was so young, I just remember a few troubling scenes.

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Deadwood, Rome, and the Sopranos ended with a whimper. The Wire defied the odds and left us to realize that the two Americas would continue as long as the powers that be care naught about reforming the present system of wealth being rewarded over work.

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Feel free to be shocked, but I actually found the end of Battlestar to be acceptable and satisfying, if completely and utterly depressing.

No, the Deus ex Machina didn’t peeve me as much as it did @Rarebear. We’ve discussed this at length. ^_^

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@filmfann: Are you KIDDING ME?? The ending to House was… was… I can’t even. A month later I couldn’t shake it. I still get all choked up thinking about it.

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I didn’t like the way Seinfeld ended.

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Now I have to search for the last episode of House.

What about West Wing?

Seinfield was a dissappoointment also, I agree.

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Rome ended appropriately. It was the end of one era on the cusp of another. Rome ended well.

Austus, Caligula, Claudius stories all follow and could be individual series.

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I agree, the ending of House was as good as the programs beginning. It lost itself along the way.

House was Holmes
Wilson was Watson
He even lived at the right address
Then they lost the point.

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@MadMadMax: I don’t think it lost the point as much as it evolved into something else.

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Remember Me Such a good movie but the ending was so sad. I never saw it coming. It ruined the movie for me.

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