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Are you aging gracefully ?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (4477 points ) December 18th, 2013

Are you aging gracefully into middle, and old age, or is it hitting you like a ton of bricks?

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I look pretty good for a 24-year-old, I think.

Seriously though, most people think I look 16. I’m told I’ll be grateful for that around 40.

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I’ve always been told I look younger but nowadays days I often feel… old. Yesterday and today are two of those days. :(

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I’m holding my own, and I’m 60! I don’t have any health problems, not overweight, I don’t have bad knees or bad hips or high blood pressure or high cholesterol, insomnia or sleep apnea. I can keep up with the kids at Disneyland, and I am taking tap dancing lessons once a week. I have always felt like I would live to be a hundred. Maybe I will.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room I feel for ya,I’m about to turn fifty and lately it feels more like 90.

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I’ll be turning 54 on the 26th and yep, this last year or so has caught up with me.
No major health problems but man, the aches and pains are a’ coming. My neck and shoulder are creaky, trigger finger, tendonitis/arthritis in my thumbs and a couple of other fingers.
My knees, back and hips are good, but have horrible sinus issues almost year round these days. Have gained weight from stress and menopause, not motivated to kick ass exercising anymore and, if I don’t get 9 hours of sleep and do my morning stretches it’s all even worse. lol

Bah Humbug!

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I was told I look like I’m 40 once.

I’m 28…..

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I think I look good for my age.

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I have aged 35 years in the past 12 months. I went from 41 to 76. I am not sure how – or if – I will handle this.

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The bills get paid in spite of the ominous birds that circle above my house. How does one age gracefully Squeek? If it means wearing out without complaint, then I am aging very ungracefully indeed. I’ve been tempted to ride public transit here if only to snarl and displace the kids sitting in the seats reserved for the decrepit. I can recall last year when I was purchasing a movie ticket and the clerk asked “senior?” I was depressed for a week at the realization that I had been eligible 4 discounts for YEARS. I asked my idiot children, “why didn’t you remind me about the senior dicounts?” The boy said “Should I brush your teeth and hold your *&%$ while you pee?” The girl said “You’ll never grow old ,dad” and the grandson declared “I’m gonna buy you a cane with a gun hidden in it” When I told him that I would immediately use it on his father due to his rudeness toward me, the boy assured me that he would extort the money for its purchase from his mother before the day was out. People tell you that you’re aging gracefully. My advice is: upon hearing it, you should immediately check on the whereabouts of your wallet. But at this stage life is short. I must leave now and set about eliminating my children from the will. By the way, the grandson has assured me of a 5 foot tombstone engraved with a menacing skull upon my demise. I plan to leave him EVERYTHING.

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Yes, at 60 I think I’m doing alright for what I’ve put this temple of my temporal existence through. I certainly never thought I’d make it this far. I can still work alongside a good first mate—show ‘em how it’s done.

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I haven’t aged that much psychically, physically I am also doing pretty well. When I think about it I am quite surprised how old I am.

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I am 51 with just a touch of gray at the temples and I look younger than everyone that I know who is around my age .i am very short on patience like a grumpy old man but I have been that way for as long as I can remember.

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I did fine for a long time, but lately, I seem to be getting colds and sinus infections that last a lot longer than I’m used to. I’ve been sickly for nearly a month now, one thing after another.

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Approaching the early dawn of middle age. Holding my own.

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Graceful like a dropped sack of beans.

After about five decades of exercising a lot (mostly running) I definitely looked younger than my years. Then… . Within the next few years, for reasons I won’t go into here, I sorta quit exercising much and gained thirty pounds and my hair coincidentally got greyer and thinner.

I now look about my actual age, which I find shocking. :-(

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No. I hate it and would go back into a time machine to my 20s if I could.

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I look pretty good but I feel like shit.

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I think I look my age, which to me means not gracefully enough. I don’t like the plastified look some people have from too much botox and other treatments, I like a few wrinkles (I have had wrinkles since I was 12) and I don’t like when skin looks like wax, but I do wish I was a little thinner and only had the amount of wrinkles I had at age 30 (which was a lot for 30).

I have people all around me who look younger than their age, especially my husband! Ugh. Almost all my friends from high school and college look great.

To sort of echo @MadMadMax I feel like crap too often. Unable to keep up woth people 20 years older than me in my zumba class, I have to pull away when my husband tries to rub my neck (I wish he would stop fucking doing that so I don’t have to keep rejecting him) I worry about getting sick too much, because I don’t want to give one extra day of my life to feeling like crap more than I do already. It makes me a cranky “old” woman I guess. You would never know it if you met me though. As long as you don’t sniffle, crab me on a muscle that cramps easily or challenge me to run a mile you would think I was strong, relatively young, and healthy.

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I haven’t quite grown up yet.

I am 58, single, actively dating, going to all kinds of activities all the time. Age is not hitting me like a ton of bricks, but I am not going gracefully into a fucking retirement home.

Other than high blood pressure, I am in the best overall shape I’ve been in since I was 14.

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I’m trying to age as gracefully as possible. Some days I just don’t give a shit.

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I’m 36 and I look like I have been sandblasted. A pack a day and working outside for a few summers over a few years building fences will do that. Not a fan of sunscreen.

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I parrot both @MadMadMax and @chyna
I look okay, but I feel like shit a lot, and, some days I just don’t care. Today was one.
I just sort of swept my bangs to the side, threw on some clothes and hit the road. Actually I looked relatively alright considering I put zero effort in this morning. lol

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Some days. But today is definitely not one of those days. LOL

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I wish I was as young as Squeeky! When I was 50 I was in my PRIME. Still full of energy and vinegar and ready to take on the world.

That was pre-menopause.

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@Pandora LOL, I hear ya!

Well in my case, it is all about overworked parts these days. 40 years of river rafting, hiking, horses, grooming, saddling, farm chores, raking, shoveling, barn cleaning, dragging around feed sacks, bales of hay, scrubbing goose pools, gardening. My bad shoulder is from surgery and pinning after a bad horse wreck years ago.
The funny thing is it is only my upper body, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers that are falling apart.

What the hell…why is my BACK okay after being the little blonde beast of burden for decades? haha

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At 60, I’m grateful to be over the hill, and not under it.

I’m reminded on a regular basis that I can’t physically do some things that I once did, but hey, it could be worse. I keep my weight in a healthy range, but I rarely look in the mirror cause I don’t recognize the guy looking back at me. But I is who I is, and that’s OK with me.

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People often think I look around 22 – 25. But I’m almost 34. It’s always been like that, ever since I was a little kid. I guess it’s mostly because am short and skinny and of course genes too play an important role.

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We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “Ulysses”

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Beginning the downhill slide to madness and wretchedness.

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@rojo Haha…madness? Well that would add insult to the wretchedness.
I joke about midlife dementia all the time. Dude! Where’s my car! lol

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In terms of looks, absofuckinglutely.
As far as acting my age, fuck that for a game of soldiers, still a big daft kid & loving it.

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I’m not aging at all. I look exactly the same as I did yesterday.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Now, where did I put those darn reading glasses?

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I think so. I dress appropriately for my age, keep moisturized and get my sleep. Also I think having a positive attitude and smiling and laughing a lot help. Smile and the world smiles with you!

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I smile when appropriate.

It’s obnoxious to be told to SMILE when you’re just thinking. I’m not a painted clown and I think women are told to SMILE much more than men. Men are allowed to be serious, pensive, thoughtful.

I’m not a plastic doll.

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I think I look fine for my age. I think that I look just about right for my age, though people often tell me that I look younger. I just think that people don’t have a firm grasp on what someone in their early 30s looks like, because I’m pretty much right there. I feel like shit for my age, though.

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@MadMadMax I am not smiling at you – lol

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Good God, no.

I should amend – most people who know me are shocked when they find out my age, thinking me younger, so I guess that’s something. But I am seriously, physically, falling apart.

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@syz Strange isn’t it? I look in the mirror and I’m happy. Then I move and the dream just fizzles.

What’s the use if everything hurts?

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@MadMadMax The other thing that I’m realizing is that there is no dignity in getting older (having had my first colonoscopy), and the future promises less and less.

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I fully plan on checking out before decrepit old age. I PRAY well, not really, lol that I just keel over from a heart attack or other sudden death. Really!

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Hey it’s all about acceptance and overcoming ego. Then, you can choose how much longer you want to stay in the dream. lol

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In a recent conversation, the subject of age came up. I said i am 61 and she said “Oh, you don’t look that old”. Actually, I will be 71 on my next birthday.

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