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What are some of the most avantgarde projects in act (or plan) right now?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1418 points ) December 20th, 2013

I’m interested in amplifying my criteria of research for cutting-edge innovations in the fields of: everything “astro”(+ physics/biology/chemistry); medicine, e.g. synthetic biology, stem cell research, DNA research & photography; “Brainwaves”; nanotech, immersive virtual reality & whatever else is leading our civilisation towards a prospect of hi-tech or “ubiquitous-tech“_ or the singularity.
Essays, abstracts, PDFs in general, articles or videos, please show whatever way you might know to such info.

Some examples of the material I’m looking for:
– Shimizu Corporation’s “Luna Project”, being a solar belt around the moon;
– Google Glass
– NASA’s MMS project
– “Daydream V.2” by Nonotak Studio for the Insanitus Festival 2013
– Immersive Cocoon

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