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Are Bogs good for snow?

Asked by fluthernutter (2492 points ) December 20th, 2013 from iPhone

We’re planning on heading out to see some snow this Christmas. But we live in the Bay Area, so we really don’t have much use for snow boots the rest of the year. (We’re not big into snow sports, so no trekking out to Tahoe for us.)

Seeing as how kids grow out of shoes overnight, it seems like a waste to just get snow boots. If we could invest in some Bogs that could double as rain boots, that would be great.

Only thing is I don’t want to get something that tries to do too many things and fails at them both. Is weather-specific footwear the way to go? Or can I swing this hybrid?

Is there another route or brand that you would recommend?

Thanks, in advance!

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