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Spare a few tips on making a popcorn garland?

Asked by wildpotato (12776 points ) December 20th, 2013 from iPhone

My fiance asked me to start on a popcorn garland while he’s at work. I popped the corn, got my sewing kit out, and realized I was totally lost. Oy vey. At least it’s not as bad as last year when he sent me to Target for lights.

This Wikihow leaves me with several questions:

I have a dog and two cats, and they all like buttered and salted popcorn. This corn will not be seasoned, obviously – but maybe they’ll go for it anyway when we’re not home. But it can’t be that big an issue; he grew up with animals too… what’s been your guys’ experiences?

Is waxed dental floss, fishing line, or thread going to work best? If thread, what thickness? I have everything from very thin nylon crystal thread to extra strong carpet thread. Likewise – should I pick a thin or thick needle?

Is it best to do it in 2–3 ft sections or one really long strand?

My tree is about 6’ tall and 5’ wide (thickest tree ever!). Any way to estimate how much garland I should make?

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