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Why don't our laptop webcams come with covers?

Asked by ETpro (34145 points ) December 21st, 2013

I’ve accidentally turned mine on one time to many, so I cut a bit of Post-it note to cover it, and left the little green LED open and visible so I can see when an inadvertent set of keystrokes turns it on. It’s not like I have a lot to hide. I’m not plotting attacks or running an international crime syndicate or anything like that. The times that I inadvertently switched my camera on, it’s never caught anything more than a scruffy looking old man badly in need of a beard trim, with his hair disheveled, and a frown on his face. But even that image, I don’t want posted to Pinterest or my Facebook wall.

The problem is that really good hackers, including those working for a government, can slip in through the Internet and turn your webcam on without the telltale LED letting you know. Read about it here. So, is yours covered? Will it be?

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