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If we don't get a farm bill?

Asked by Judi (37215 points ) December 21st, 2013 from iPhone

I know that milk prices will rise but will we also get rid of those crazy corn subsidies that are fattening up America?
I’m not real educated on what the farm bill really does besides subsidize farmers and I’m assuming most of he money goes to big conglomerate farms. What else does it do? Discuss?

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It funds Food Stamps too. So going without a Farm Bill puts a lot of people perilously close to serious hunger.

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Don’t worry. Those corn subsidies and corporate handouts will be maintained. It is the food stamp and other programs benefiting the poor which are under assault and being whittled down. And milk prices are destined to continue to rise. It has been deemed necessary that the “market” dictate rising food prices in the face of declining wages in order once again that THE RICH GET RICHER.

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The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition has information on the Farm Bill, and especially on its impacts on small, local, independent farms.

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If we don’t get a farm bill:

1) conservatives will be happy that the government is smaller.

2) people who need food stamps to survive will go hungry. Some will die, others will get sick.

Thank you, republicans. (this is their version of Death panels)

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Yet another Chicken Little story. I can’t even remember the one before Sequestration. Budget? Debt ceiling was there, back, and maybe still in the picture?

What it comes down to is the US is now being governed like a schizophrenic mental patient: self induced crises dealt with through self recrimination and flagellation during overly dramatic talk therapy. We’ve devolved from healthy, to functioning, to bi-polar and finally to near schizophrenia.

We only fuel the patient’s condition by asking “What if we don’t…” Big business as well as both personalities parties have too much at stake not to come up with a bill. It’s drama bordering on theater of the absurd.

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I read this article which says that the crazy reason milk prices will go up is because the farm policy states that the government HAS to buy the milk up to artificially inflate the prices (remember government cheese?) Apparently the farm bill somehow stops that.
Everyone talks about kicking out all the politicians but legislating is a profession. Some of these things have been negotiated for years and have a lot of nuance that requires a sort of expertise. I think that our practice lately of putting amateurs in these really important jobs who disdain the government and have no desire to see it work will prove to be our ruin.

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