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Fluther doesn't work on my laptop anymore?

Asked by trailsillustrated (14055 points ) December 22nd, 2013 from iPhone

I can pm people but if I ask a question or answer one, the answer button doesn’t work, it just kind of flashes and nothing. What could this be?

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What browser are you using? If you’ve upgraded recently that may be the issue. That’s happened when I’ve upgraded to a different version of IE and electing to run in compatibility mode solves the problem.

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Could be a browser issue, as @BosM said. You also may need to clear your cache and restart the browser.

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If you’re running IE, I’d suggest downloading either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. I use both on Fluther on my notebook machine, and they perform perfectly. Interestingly, for some reason in Chrome, the site only fills part of the screen and has margins, and the print is smaller. In Firefox, it fills 100% of the screen and the print is really large.

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It’s chrome. It worked fine always then last week not. I have cleared the cookies and cache . I dunno!

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Try downloading Firefox and see if that resolves it. I’m using Chrome on my Asus laptop right now, and it’s working fine for me. May be a conflict with some app or AV software and how it interacts with the latest version of Chrome.

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