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So, it is almost the end of 2013, and no doomsday predictions yet. Is this a sign that the end times have come?

Asked by ragingloli (34188 points ) December 23rd, 2013

There have to be some nutters out there that think the world will end this year. Do you know any stories?

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The end-of-the-world guy, Mr. Campion, died last week. So perhaps the doomsday business is closing.

My view on the end of the world: It ain’t happening for a billion years. Not worth spending any brain cells on today.

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Well, it would only have been bad if it had ended on a Friday.

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Wait, here is one:
February 22nd, 2014: Ragnarök will happen.

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“Roll on Ragnarök!”

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^ I was gonna say, I’m pretty sure Odin had something on the schedule for 2014.

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According to this clip on the Hungtington Post website, the three most likely doomsday scenarios are nuclear war, asteroids, and climate change.

I’m adding a fourth: the election of a Tea Party president.

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I think that’s a precursor to scenario A.

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It is a precursor to A, B, and C.
B, because I will hurl an asteroid towards earth, and C because of A and B.

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No, it just means that my cousin is too busy Xmas shopping to post anything on Facebook.

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Fuck. Ragnarök falls on my birthday.

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Maybe after so many failed predictions not as many people are buying the conspiracy books anymore. December 21, 2012 just had to be the last drawing line.

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