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If your cause is so great, your God so perfect, your science so undeniable, your truth so obvious, then why must you even mention it?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (28375 points ) December 23rd, 2013

As asked.

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People who have found a good thing are always eager to share it with others.

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Because how else will you know??

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I don’t. I was preached at all my life and won’t do that to other people unless they ask.

On the other hand, if I hear people saying thing’s that are untrue about Christians or Catholics, I try to correct the ignorance that they’re spewing to others.

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When I look back at my evangelical Christian upbringing, I clearly recognize that vigorously championing my beliefs was actually a way of concealing my own doubts from others and myself. This is the mechanism of self-deception:

“When a person, who disbelieves p, intentionally tries to make himself believe or continue believing p by engaging in such activities, and, as a result unintentionally misleads himself into believing or continuing to believe p via biased thinking, he deceives himself in a way appropriate for self-deception. No deceitful intention is required for this.”

I’m not saying that self-deception is always the motivation, but I surely wasn’t alone.

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We of the Jewish faith don’t believe in religious proselyting—especially via bumper stickers and TV reality shows.

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@thorninmud Yup, been there, done that.

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Because Brussels sprouts are good, damn it! If you don’t try them, you’ll never know how good they are. Just because some ignorant people say they’re bad, doesn’t mean that they are. You have to experience them for yourself. I’m just here to spread the good word about Brussels sprouts.

Now I’m going to go and put up my Tree.

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@Kardamom I want the bottom one!

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@Kardamom, you sold me on Brussels sprouts. But then, I already loved ‘em.

By the way, heretofore I pronounced them Brussel, no “s.” Live and learn!

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I very seldom mention it unless it comes up in a Fluther question other than that it very rarely comes up in general conversation.

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@Pachy (when did you shorten your name???)

I bet if we changed the word to Sprussel Brouts, then everyone would come unto to us and see things the way they were meant to be ~

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I don’t push my beliefs down others’ throats, but if you ask me about them, I will share.

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When and how I mention it is if I feel the person open enough to comprehend it. God said the wisdom of heaven is foolishness to man; man has no complicity to understand it unless he ask for enlightenment. What God has done for me I would hope everyone else could experience. They will never receive if they never know to ask, if they do know to ask but ask incorrectly they will still be waiting; hence, someone (doesn’t have to be me) needs to tell them.

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Because we like to communicate great truths and also argue and fight.

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Because I am not so great, so perfect, so undeniable, nor so obvious.

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If we didn’t, what else would we talk about? I don’t care for sports…

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^ We can talk about what Miley Cyrus will do next.

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@Kardamom, I shortened it a couple of days ago. Got tired of entering such a long name on my iPhone and most jellies call me Pachy anyway.

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Actually, I usually don’t.

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What. Your cause is so great and perfect, but you should keep your light under a bushel so all those dimmer bulbs out there can convert everyone to their less perfect ideas? And this makes sense how?

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^^^^^^^ I didn’t view this question from a strictly religious point of view. We’re all “guilty” of it. If there is anything to be guilty of.

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@Dutchess_III Nor did I. There are all sorts of things to be debated. The OP lists causes (like feeding the poor or finding a cure for cancer), Gods, science, and truth. My answer was responsive to all to those.

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Perhaps this is why they say there’s nothing wrong with one trying to find the truth, but beware of the one who finds it!?

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