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Got any stupid gift stories this Christmas?

Asked by chyna (33285 points ) December 25th, 2013

One of my relatives gave his 8 year old and 6 year old a BB gun.
He let them go out in the yard unsupervised to play with it. Yep, they shot out a neighbors window and pretended they didn’t know who did it. Lucky it wasn’t worse.
So tell us your stupid gift stories, make them funny or just plain ignorant.

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^^^ The little Darwins didn’t fall far from the stupid tree now did they? lol

No, I am happy to report. I received some really great gifts.
DVDs, a wonderful book on unusual animal friendships with beautiful pictures and about 50 stories. Can’t wait to read it! I also received a movie theater gift card, a beautiful white goose ornament, candy, cool purple sweater tights, beautiful earrings, cat toys and treats, and a hand crafted Guatemalan worry doll that you tell all your worries to and then put her under your pillow to take your worries away during the night. lol

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I was given a book.
The title is “The West Indies: a Nation of Cricketers” by Ted Cunterblast

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Wow, I’m glad nobody got hurt! Mr. A and I aren’t exchanging presents with each other this year, and I won’t get my girls until tomorrow, so there aren’t any presents (or stories) yet. I’ll be sure to report back on any future stupidity, though!

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No gifts here. Everyone respected my wishes. I also got nothing for anyone.

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My Christmas has so far consisted of a trip to the Emergency room and three different pharmacies trying to get a prescription filled. I’m now patiently waiting the return of my husband from the pharmacy in order to have our festival dinner, and soon after the moon to rise to check out our new telescope.

Fingers crossed for clear skies, because SOMETHING needs to go right today (besides my giblet gravy, which is always perfection).

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No stupid stories this year but my worst year was 2 years ago, when I had begun my sex transition but hadn’t actually told anyone in the family. And of course I got all the usual girly things; like flowery bubble bath, cosmetics and clothes I would never wear. My daughter got extra gifts that year.

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Cloudy, and the moon won’t rise until after midnight. Pour myself another glass of wine, I guess.

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^^ Welcome to the frustrating world of the observational astronomer.

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Clothes that are all ether too big or too small (from my mom who after 36 years should know better) and no receipts included so that I might return them for an exchange or refund. Oh well, looks like the local Salvation Army’s getting a donation.

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^^ If there’s a men’s cashmere size M in a muted color, I’m your designated recipient.

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@gailcalled Sorry, can’t say that there is.

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I am happy to say that one of my friends did not give any Fairy things. lol
She has a heart of gold but projects her love of stupid, whimsical items onto me. I hate Fairies! Bah Humbug! haha

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Well, I gave a couple gifts to my SIL, I pulled her name. I bought her two long sleeve t’s because she is always cold and those are my favorite t’s when there is a chill in the air. I wear them around the house and even to sleep. I also bought her a wine aerator because she is sort of into wine now, and her daughter suggested it and her son said in the divorce their stepdad got the wine aerator. When she opened the box she acted like she had never even heard of an aerator. Either purposely being mean or didn’t know the thing she used to use for the wine is called an aerator. Either is very possible. Then my nephew said something about his sister suggesting the aerator, which she denied, embarrased I think. I felt badly about that.

I received a very pretty rock, a slice of a geode, that is a lapis blue type color. I liked me gift very much.

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The worst gift I saw anyone stuck with was a bug-eyed horse TP holder. What a waste of money. The recipient was very gracious, saying she could make a banner for the horse to hold and set him in the entryway as a family mascot for her young kids. Hopefully, someone kicks it over…soon!

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@ibstubro LOL…I might be able to top that. My daughters dad sent her an Armadillo wine holder a few years ago. Stupid ceramic Armadillo lying on its back holding a bottle of wine. She doesn’t even drink wine and has no passion for Armadillos.

Her dads idea I guess after relocating to Houston a few years ago. lol I think she sent it to the thrift store asap. haha

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That’s a shame, @JLeslie. I know you were pretty confident she’d like the wine aerator.

We’ll call it a tie, @Coloma, although I could think of more potential uses for a ceramic armadillo than a resin horse TP holder. lol

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@ibstubro Thanks. Actually, I wasn’t very confident, because I bought the fancy schmancy ne for the whole bottle, and worried it takes up too much space considering her small apartment. I originally wanted to buy her one of those automatic bottle openers, but her kids said she had one, but at Xmas she said hers broke. I should always just stick with my gut and not ask anyone.

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It’s all good, @JLeslie. At least you weren’t in it alone, so the kids know the score, even if they don’t admit it. It would be worse if no one else even knew the effort you put forth. Bright side? You have a year before you have to do it again!

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