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How much did our Kardashev score go up this year (2013)?

Asked by talljasperman (16922 points ) December 26th, 2013

Carl Sagan. Even a fraction would be desirable? What do you see for 2014? Or are we at the bottom in all the scores from the Wikipedia article…

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By almost nothing.

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At first I thought you were asking about our Kardashian Scale, which I guess means we are doing worse.

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@filmfann Lol. Thanks for the link.

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We’re still down at Type 0, but it does my heart good to know some wit took the time to produce the parody of it that @filmfann‘s linked to. Personally, I think bragging rights go to increasing energy efficiency rather than how much of the total energy of the Universe a given civilization can squander. On that front, we are actually making slow but real progress.

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I knew I was in for a parody the moment I saw your link.

It was even better executed than I anticipated.

Thanks for that.

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